Common Name: Dmitry Vasilenkov

Date of birth: May 24, 1971

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

INN: 780728563432

Email: [email protected]

Awards: Commander of the Order of Courage



  • rector of the Church of the Protecting Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary (patroness of the Russian Military);
  • Chairman of the Department for Cooperation with the Cossacks of the St. Petersburg Diocese;
  • an employee of the Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Law Enforcement Agencies of the St. Petersburg Diocese;
  • participant of the “Crimean special operation”

Countries of Influence:

Chechen Republic, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine (Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk regions)



During the battle itself, as strange as it sounds, I felt a state of peace in my soul. There was no struggle, no mental anguish, but the certainty that, with God’s help, we would definitely get away. And I also had a strong feeling that I was doing exactly what I absolutely had to do

Archpriest Dmitry Vasilenkov(Father Dmitry) is a staff military priest, chairman of the St. Petersburg diocese department for cooperation with the Cossacks.

Father Dmitry was born into a military family, and before becoming a clergyman, he studied at The Higher Military-Political School named after V. V. Lomonosov, which is the highest military-political school in Russia. AndropovBut with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, I was disappointed in many things and left the school. Dmitri went to church and at first worked there as a watchman, was a sexton, then entered the seminary.

Archpriest Dimitriy was ordained a priest in 2004. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary in 2006.

Father Dimitri and military conflicts:

The life of Father Dmitry was carried out not only within the walls of the temple, but also on the battlefield with weapons in hand. Father Dmitry participated in more than 30 trips to Chechnya and other hot spots, including during the I and II Chechen wars. Also in the North Caucasus, Georgia, Syria, Donbass, and participated in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

In 2009, by order of the Synodal Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, Archpriest Dmitry was “on a mission” in Chechnya, where he also distinguished himself by his military merits. With “God’s help,” Father Dmitry filled the magazines with ammunition and also supplied Russian soldiers with RPG-26 anti-tank grenades.

At the same time, Father Dmitry did not forget to “brainwash” with all sorts of insistence and more than once “blessed the young soldiers and officers – to fight every single one of them.

Dmitry Vasilenkov – Kremlin Agent in Syria

To bless killing and dispel war sentiments seems to be the true path that Archpriest Dmitry has found. The military conflict in Syria was not without the participation of Dmitry Vasilenkov.

In 2022 Father Dmitry went on a business trip as an agent of the Kremlin to Syria for the opening of the Orthodox Church of St. Sophia, because another “special operation” was waiting for him. During the opening of a church in the Syrian city of Skalbia, Father Dmitry allegedly saved civilians from a terrorist attack, namely from an unknown drone, carried nine people out from under fire and provided first aid to the wounded, for which he was awarded the Order of Courage twice.

In 2014, Father Dmitry “liberated” Crimea

As a collaborator of Putin’s regime, Archpriest Dmitry is an active participant in the “Crimean spring. At the request of representatives Russian GRU Father Dmitry, who held the post of deputy chairman of the Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies of the St. Petersburg Diocese, in 2014 was sent on a “mission trip” to Crimea to conduct a “negotiation process” for the peaceful disarmament of Ukrainian military units, but in fact the task of the ROC priest was to conduct “ideological subversion“.

Dmitry Vasilenkov himself insisted that “it is a miracle of God, that the Lord did not allow bloodshed” and that Russia had liberated the Crimea.

In 2015, Archpriest Dmitry was awarded the Order of Friendship for “conducting a special operation” in Crimea.

The literary activities of Archpriest Dmitry:

In 2020 Father Dimitri issued his teachings to the masses. The military father-in-arms has published a collection of books calledThe Way of the Archistratigus. Overcoming the Beast“or in other words, “A Practical Guide to the Life of an Orthodox Warrior,” where the archpriest talks about how “today’s youth serve idols” and how war corrupts the human soul and how to live with it.

Also Father Dmitry, along with Protodeacon Vladimir Vasilik, outlined the path of the Russian army from “pagan – beast-like to Christian – noble,” which certainly confirms the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian occupiers.

“Spiritual mobilization” for participants in their

Since the beginning of the “special military operation,” Father Dmitry taught the Russian soldiers not only how to hold a weapon, but also taught the rules of spiritual safety. Father Dmitry called those who “dodged the mobilization” “cowards and cowardly people. Dmitry himself was again on the front line, this time among those fighting “against Nazism” in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the swap, Father Dmitry has been traveling monthly to military recruitment centers and calling for spiritual mobilization, as well as on the front lines blessing the occupiers to “fight and win.”

Father Dmitry and the military-patriotic education of children in Donbass

The brainwashing by Russian ideology concerns not only Russian mobilized people, but also children in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Archpriest Dimitri brings up young people from Donbass and implants his “spiritual crosses.

Thus, the archpriest pays special attention to the military-patriotic education of participants in the youth movement “Patriotic Association of Donbass,” where he believes from the will of God encourages children to support the participants of the vault by drawing patriotic drawings and sending them heartbreaking letters.

A Practical Guide for Military Priests by Archpriest Dmitry

Inspired by ideas of “liberation and spiritual mobilization,” in early 2023 Father Dmitry published his second obscurantist book, At War. The book’s ideas were based on the experience of many Russian priests who worked in the “svu” zone.

This book has become a so-called practical manual for military chaplains. Father Demetrius thoroughly explained all the minutiae of chaplaincy in his work. On the pages of the publication you can find information from the features of the uniform of a military chaplain, to the features of the pastoral preaching of the gospel in the troops.

Currently, Father Dmitry is the rector of the military church in honor of the Holy Virgin Protection in St. Petersburg and the Church of the Transfiguration at the Northwest Regional Command of the Russian Interior Ministry, which is under construction, as well as Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Military-Patriotic and Sports Clubs of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region under the Military Department of the St. Petersburg DioceseThe “preparation” of the younger generation for military service and war against civilians in Ukraine continues to be actively pursued there.