Full name: Gennady Dubovoy

Callsign: “Correspondent

Date of birth: 07.02.1967

Address: 327 Lenina St., Volnovakha district, Novotroitskoye village, Donetsk region.


Secondary – school № 2 in Donetsk (1974-1984);

Higher – Donetsk National University (formerly Don State University), Faculty of Economics, Department of Human Resources Management and Labor Economics (2012).

Passport: series VA011524, Ukraine

Skype: genadiy775, dubova77777


– a serviceman of the “Dnr” FPR, a participant of combat operations as a member of the “Dnr” FPR;

– editor-in-chief of the newspaper Golos Naroda – Golos Respubliki;

– a former correspondent of the “Sparta” DNR NVF (Motorola’s unit);

– correspondent of the First Battalion of the First Slavic Brigade of the “Army of the Dnr” and the “Union of Donbass Volunteers”;

– a member of the “Veterans of Novorossiya” organization and the “Union of Volunteers of Donbass;

– creator of the socio-political modeling agency Weiss-Ukraine, now Weiss-Novorossia;

– creator and editor-in-chief of the first official newspaper “Voice of the People – Voice of the Republic” of the self-proclaimed republic “DnR”, the first issue of which played a major role in the pseudo-referendum on the independence of “DnR”;

– is raising money for the terrorists of the “dnr army.”

Yandex Wallet to support the project “Legendary units of Novorossiya” 410011881415070

Sberbank card 4817 7601 6348 3534


Marital Status: Married.


sister – Vita Kozlova (Dubovaya), 23.02.1978, resides in Odessa, Ukraine. Served in the military unit A3990 of the AFU. Graduated from school 17 in Zugres, Donetsk region, Ukraine.

His nephew Yegor Kozlov, 11/19/2008, lives in Odessa, Ukraine.

relative – Dubovaya Tatiana Sergeevna, 04.08.1964, registration address: the city of Kharkov, Lenina Street, 5, sq. 72.

girlfriend – Anastasia Mikhailovskaya (call sign “Sova”), 19.12. 1966, lives in Moscow, has a daughter – Sofia Mikhailovskaya.

Telephone numbers of relatives, loved ones:

067- 245- 57- 55

War correspondent Gennady Dubovoy was born February 7, 1967, in the city of Pavlograd in Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. He received his higher education at Donetsk National University at the Faculty of Economics, from which he graduated in 2012.

He has the call sign “Correspondent”. Dubovoy got his call sign thanks to propaganda reports about the state of Russian troops in the war against Ukraine. Also, according to Russian media, Gennady Dubovoy is a direct participant in military operations on the territory of Ukraine.

Since 2014, he supported combat operations in the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Gennady Dubovoy was in the detachment of commander Timur Ibriyev, who is called the “Chechen Motorola” (call sign – Talib). He wrote the book “Knights of Novorossia. Chronicles of the Correspondent of the Legendary Motorola. Dubovoy has a Youtube channel where he hosted the propaganda program “Legendary Units from Gennady Dubovoy”.

In the territories occupied by the so-called “dnr” Gennady Dubovoy was a “war correspondent” under the terrorist Igor Strelkov (Girkin). Also in 2014, he worked with the commander of the “Sparta” battalion of the “dnr army” Arseniy Pavlov, a fighter from the Komi Republic, who participated in the fighting in the area of Slavyansk, Donetsk airport and Debaltsevo known also under the call sign “Motorola”, who was also successfully liquidated in 2016 in Donetsk.

Dubovoy was also engaged in literary activities. At one time he was published in Expert, Zavtra, Svobodnaya Presse, and Nezavisimaya Gazeta. In 2022, he received the title “Honored Journalist of the Donetsk People’s Republic”.He kept his blog in LiveJournal, where he wrote about the need for genocide of the Ukrainian people.

In his Telegram channel “Dubovoykorr“, Gennady Dubovoy tried to justify and give a logical explanation of the need for a “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine.

It is important to note that Dubovoy’s biography includes information that he is a political technologist and this helps him in shaping the right opinion in society.

Interesting fact: Gennady Dubovoy published many photos with corpses of Russian soldiers, thus directly saying that the losses in the war are quite high. There are speculations that this separatist correspondent understood the scale of losses and defeat of the Russian occupants, but his assignment was to act according to “Kremlin methodologies” and cover the “controlled and positive” situation at the front.

Moreover, in the archives of the propagandist there are photos confirming the destruction of civilian homes by rf equipment….

Often Dubovoy published photos that show the real position of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine, thus identifying all war criminals. For example, there are many photos of Russian servicemen outlining houses with the names of their units in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

There are photos showing Timur Ibriev’s unit removing blankets (left) and other personal items from houses. The purpose of the publication is most likely to confirm the involvement of the Russian army in looting and looting.

In a 30-second interview, Dubovoy confirmed that calling Ukrainians Nazis is nothing more than a Russian propaganda objective. In the video, he also claimed that Russian war correspondents have forgotten what war journalism is. According to him, they are all only interested in personal advancement, to be noticed by the top political leadership, and not in conveying information properly to consumers.

With the start of the special military operation separatist Dubovoy became a marine reconnaissance officer, while not leaving behind ж̶у̶р̶н̶а̶л̶и̶с̶т̶с̶к̶о̶й̶ propaganda activities. Dubovoy actively covered the process of “liberation” of Mariupol. As the propagandist himself put it – “he worked in the very furnace”, in areas where not a single whole house was left, because the house of every civilian on the territory of Donetsk region was destroyed by the Russian occupants. And he survived. Fortunately, not for long.

On September 11, military correspondent Gennady Dubovoy became a victim of a traffic accident at the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and Artema Street in Donetsk. According to Russian media, Dubovoy went out to get flowers, wanting to do something nice for his wife before she arrived. Ended up doing a nice thing for the entire civilized world and was smeared on the asphalt by the “liberators”, who run through the center of Donetsk at foreign speeds and regularly crush people. This is all in the spirit of the Russian occupiers, who no longer care who they kill – their own or the “Banderaites”.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Russian propagandists were hit by cluster munitions fired by the AFU.Also injured in the shelling were RIA Novosti photo correspondent Konstantin Mikhalchevsky, Izvestia newspaper correspondent Roman Polskov and his cameraman Dmitry Shikov. They, along with the dead Zhuravlev, were “covered” near the village of Pyatihatki, Zaporizhzhya region

This is the fate of a military traitor, propagandist and just a rare bastard who went over to the side of the Russian enemy and paid the price of his own life. And that’s not the end of the reckoning. Such a fate will await every traitor who encroached on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and called for the destruction of Ukrainians. Everyone will answer for all their crimes and receive their punishment properly and deservedly.