Full name: Kravchenko Eduard Anatolievich

Date of birth: February 21, 1974

Place of birth: Luhansk region, Kreminna district, Rubizhne

Places of residence:

Luhansk region, Kreminna district, Rubizhne

  • ul. Stroiteley St., 22, sq. 41;
  • ul. 44 Sportivnaya St;
  • 50-letiya quarter, 17A, sq. 201

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EK890336

Identification number: 2423002031

Terminal IMEI code: 255011450257921

Mobile numbers: +380507013903, +380645352322

Email address: [email protected]

Occupation: t.n. Director of the communal non-profit enterprise Rubizhna Central City Hospital, Lugansk region


Labor/political activities:

2017-2022– chief physician at the Rubizhna Central City Hospital;


  • Director of the Rubizhne municipal hospital under the occupation administration of the so-called “LnR;
  • director of the communal non-profit enterprise Rubizhna Central City Hospital, Luhansk region.

2022 – deputy of the Rubizhne City Council from the political party “Our Land”.

Collaborationist activities:

He consciously took the side of the occupant and does not consider the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation to be an act of genocide. Transmits personal information on former patients to the occupation troops. Information on law enforcement officers, military personnel, and local government officials was of particular value.

He gave an interview to the Russian TV channel Izvestiya, where he claimed that “Ukrainian servicemen deliberately shelled civilian infrastructure. Discredited the highest military and political leadership of Ukraine for involvement in mass civilian casualties.

He was seen cooperating with Ramzan Kadyrov’s so-called tiktok troops, to whom Eduard Anatolyevich promised to pass information about Ukrainian servicemen and members of their families.

Together with the former mayor of Rubizhne, Sergey Khortiv, he embezzled money that had been allocated for the medical sphere. Also, thanks to Sergei Hortiv’s assistance, we were able to pass information on the defenders of Rubezhnoye to the occupation troops. This information positively helped Eduard Anatolyevich to prove himself better and to establish himself in the eyes of the Russian occupation authorities.