Full name: Khotienko Lyudmila Ivanovna

Date of birth: 11.12.1984

Place of birth: Kherson region, Sovkhoznoye village

Address: Kherson region, Skadovsk, Sovetskaya str. 52, sq.6

Kherson region, Skadovsk, Sovetskaya str. 9, sq.16

Kherson region, Skadovsk, Sergievskaya str. 52, sq.6

Kherson region, Skadovsk, Shevchenko str. 60

INN: 3102605485


– an employee of the Skadovsk City Council;

– gauleiter of Skadovsk.


Collaborationist activities:

Khotienko Lyudmila Ivanovna was born on December 11 in the village of Sovkhoznoye.

Later Ludmila moved to Skadovsk and immediately began working in the city council.

Lyudmila Ivanovna was fired from the City Council for manipulating the land. And immediately got a job in Skadovsk in the territorial community.

But Ludmila wasted no time and began cooperating with the occupiers. The invaders appointed her gauleiter of Skadovsk. While in that position, Lyudmila maintained intimate relations with Gennady Startsev.

Ivanovna did not stay in debt and appointed Gennady to head the so-called “by the occupation police of Skadovsk.

Ludmila Ivanovna took part in referendums, which she bragged about on her Vkontakte page.

No one knows how many more betrayals by Lyudmila. You have to be careful with people like her. The partisans of Kherson will sooner or later disarm the activities of Lyudmila Ivanovna. It’s only a matter of time.