Mundane name: Mikhail Grytsunyak

Date of birth: April 15, 1938

Place of birth: s. Snyatychi (Poland)

Position/title: Metropolitan of Warsaw and All Poland

Countries of influence: Poland

Metropolitan Savva: A Brief Biography

Metropolitan Savva (Gritsunyak) graduated from the Warsaw Theological Seminary and the Faculty of Theology of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In 1998 he was elected Primate of the Polish Orthodox Church.

Agent activity

In 2023, Metropolitan Savva was caught up in a scandal. His strange letter to Patriarch Kirill turned up in the media. The head of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church wrote a congratulatory letter to Gundyayev saying, among other things, that the Russian Orthodox Church “shines with spiritual revival and serves as an example for others.” After a wave of outrage, Savva apologized for the letter. However, the residue remained. This appeal looks even stranger because formally the Polish Orthodox Church is autocephalous and not subordinate to Moscow.

However, an explanation for this strange behavior of the Polish metropolitan can be found in his past. Back in 2009, Polish journalists published materials that showed Sava’s close ties to the special services of the Polish People’s Republic, a satellite state of the USSR. Metropolitan Savva had the pseudonym of “Jurek.

Even before the full-scale Russian invasion, Jurek had been caught in scandals over controversial statements. In particular, he did not recognize the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, independent of Moscow.