Full name: Kovalenko Andrei Vyacheslavovich

Date of birth: 11.07.1971

Place of birth: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Khartsyzsk

Occupation: Metropolitan of Zaporozhye and Melitopol

Address of residence: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Zaporozhye, Ladozhskaya street, 42, sq.36.


INN: 2612400535

Labor Activities:

  • 2003 Municipal Clinical Therapeutic and Preventive Health Institution Regional Trauma Hospital
  • 2006 – PJSC “Donetskstal
  • 2008 – Kyiv Theological Academy of UOC-MP

Real Estate:

  • house in Zaporozhye, Silovaya street 20Zh.
  • Land in Zaporozhye: 2310100000:04:032:0567
  • house in Donetsk on the street 50 years of Soviet Ukraine, 87


  • TOYOTA CAMRY (2012), white sedan, purchased on 10/20/2015 (AR0001CI)
  • CHEVROLET EXPRESS (2012), black station wagon, purchased on 10/20/2015 (AR0010CI)
  • VOLKSWAGEN MULTIVAN (2017), passenger car station wagon brown, purchased 09/09/2017 (AR0010ES)


Brother: Kovalenko Alexander Vyacheslavovich

Date of birth: 10/28/1965

Place of birth: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Khartsyzsk


  • died defending Ukraine from the Russian occupiers

Brother’s wife: Kovalenko Elena Vitalievna

Date of birth: 15.10.1964

Place of birth: rf, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk

INN: 2366405760

Nephew: Kovalenko Artem Aleksandrovich

Date of birth: 03.01.1989


  • studied at the Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Nephew: Kovalenko Maxim Alexandrovich

Date of birth: December 24, 1992


  • He studied at the Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Serves in the police of the Donetsk region

Nephew: Kovalenko Denis Alexandrovich

Date of birth: December 24, 1992


  • as of 2014 served in the Presidential Detached Regiment in Kiev

Bodyguard: Kurnikov Alexander Viktorovich

Date of birth: 31.01.1972

Place of birth: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Severodonetsk

Labor Activities:

2008 Separate Company of Special Purpose Police “Berkut” of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zaporozhye Region

Real Estate:

  • Zaporizhzhya region, Vasilievsky district, Dneprorudnoe, ul. Tsentralnaya, 11, sq.23


  • white 2017 SKODA OCTAVIA A7, purchased on September 21, 2017 (AR0016ES)
  • black 2013 VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG, purchased on July 29, 2020


Passport: CA 781665

INN: 2632814171

Phone: +380505630861

Email: [email protected]

Metropolitan Luka: Biography

Metropolitan Luka (born Andrei Kovalenko – ed.) was born in Khartsyzsk, near Donetsk, in 1971. Notably, the city has been occupied since 2014.

As journalists have established, Andrei Kovalenko did not immediately become a churchman. In the early 2000s, he worked in a trauma hospital, at Donetskstal.
at the Kiev Theological Seminary and the Kiev Theological Academy.

In 2010, Luke was appointed governor of the Zaporizhzhia diocese. Since 2013, he has been the head of the so-called synodal department of the UOC MP on Cossack affairs. In 2016 he was elevated to the rank of metropolitan.

It should be noted that as of 2019, Luka was registered at the address: the city of Zaporozhye, 42 Ladozhskaya Street, sq. 36. Owns a plot of land in Zaporozhye, as well as a house on Silovaya Street, 20zh. In addition, Luke owns a house in Donetsk at 87, 50th Anniversary of Soviet Ukraine Street.

Also, according to Evocation.Info, the Metropolitan owns three cars: a white Toyota Camry and two minibuses.

Metropolitan Luka: Agent Activity

On March 15, 2022, in his Telegram channel, Luca stated that the Ukrainians deserved to be bombed by Russia. He also openly condemned the granting of Tomos to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, by comparing the actions of the Ukrainian authorities with those of Hitler, Stalin and other dictators. In addition, in March 2022, during the humanitarian convoy to Mariupol, he surrendered Ukrainian journalist to the occupiers.

In January 2023, commenting on the attack on a Vinnitsa priest of the UOC MP, Luka allowed emotional remarks to politicians and journalists, stating that “God-fearers cut Christ’s throat”.

This is a direct consequence of calls for violence and genocide against our clergy and believers by cynical clowns 95th Quarter and those hosts who inspire them to blasphemy and blasphemy. This is a direct consequence of media propaganda, which systematically and systematically destroys Ukraine by pitting the citizens of our country against each otherThe churchman wrote.

At a time when Russian occupiers are killing Ukrainians and destroying the lives of thousands of families every day, the appropriateness of such emotionality is questionable.

Note that Luke is trying to convince us that he is independent of the ROC. But in fact he is closely connected with the Russian Orthodox Church. Journalists found out that he still enters to the Inter-Siberian Council, the highest deliberative body of the Moscow Patriarchate. He is also a member of the commissions
of the Church Education Commission and the commission of the Russian Orthodox Church on Bioethics.

The so-called synodal department of the UOC MP on Cossack affairs, which is headed by Luka, is coordinated by the Russian Orthodox Church. This department cooperates with pro-Russian Cossacks who support the occupiers.

In addition, the metropolitan is closely connected with former Berkutov man Alexander Kurnikov, who is known for his pro-Russian activities.

Metropolitan Luka’s family

As journalists learned, Luka’s brother Alexander Kovalenko, died in the second month of a full-scale invasion, defending Ukraine from the Russian occupiers. He was 56 years old. At least two of Alexander’s three sons graduated from the Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. One of them now serves as a police officer in the Donetsk region and helps Ukrainian civilians. Alexander’s third son served in the President’s Detached Regiment.