Full name: Nadana Alexandrovna Friedrichson

Date of birth: 15.01.1987

Place of residence: Moscow


Higher – Moscow State University, Department of History

Marital status: single.

Origin: A Jewess from Baku.


mother: Maya Yurievna Belova

father: Alexander Isaakovich Friedrichson


– journalist, war correspondent, television anchorwoman;

– is the host of the talk show “The Process” on the TV channel “Zvezda”;

– public support for Russian aggression against Ukraine;

– Analytical articles for the online publications Vzglyad, Gazeta.Ru, and Sputnik;

– author of the documentary “Golunov. The Revolution That Didn’t Happen;

– author of the program “Outer Limits,” Media Metrics radio studio;

– hosts the show “Evening Divan” of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and the weekly “Friday Again”;

– expert in the program “In Simple Words”;

– articles for Vzglyad, Gazeta.Ru, and Sputnik;

– An expert in the program “War and Peace” with Dmitry Puchkov;

– a blog on the Echo of Moscow.



The Russian propagandist was born on January 15, 1987, presumably in Moscow. According to her, she is a native Muscovite, because her parents lived on Starokonyushenny Lane in Moscow. I spent my youth in the area of Krasnogvardeyskaya-Domodedovskaya metro stations in Moscow, where I was seen in dishonest companies. There is information that all her youth she was very promiscuous and had a huge number of abortions. Nadana’s father is Alexander Isaakovich Friedrichson. It is clear from his patronymic that he has Jewish roots. But Nadana herself would not admit her origins. Nadana’s mother does coding or hypnosis for weight loss at the Smelov Center.

She received her secondary education at a school in Moscow. She received her higher education at a prestigious university, Moscow State University, where she graduated from the Department of History.

Since 2012, she has lectured at Russian universities, where she disseminated Kremlin political narratives to students. At the age of 25, she became director of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development thanks to her connections with famous men. Here you can trace her close communication with Yuri Krupnov, who was an adviser and Putin’s right hand. Krupnov is known for trying to lead the Russian nationalists, but he failed. She also worked as Vlasov’s assistant (in narrow circles he is considered to be Zhirinovsky’s “lover”).

It is important to note that Nadana Friedrichson’s rhetoric is always aimed at protecting the Aliyev family in Azerbaijan. It is likely that the numerous romances with members of the Azerbaijani elite were not invented by the press.

Since 2013, Friedrichson began appearing on various television and radio programs as a political commentator and propagandist. It is noted that she wrote articles for Vzglyad, Gazeta.Ru and Sputnik. As part of the propaganda machine, Friedrichson also works as a TV presenter on the Zvezda TV channel and writes material for the Espresso newspaper. Since 2020, he has hosted the show “Evening Divan” with Sergei Mardan. In addition, she became the author of the documentary “Golunov. The Revolution That Didn’t Happen.

In 2016, she was the author of the show “The Outer Limits,” interviewing famous personalities, which helped her become popular.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine, it has been engaged in anti-Ukrainian propaganda, spreading disinformation in order to justify Russian aggression. Nadana Friedrichson is an anti-Western activist who criticizes the West but enjoys all the “products” of Western culture, including technology. She also mocks Western aid to Ukraine.

Previously, Natasha Belova (real name Nadana) wrote poems in social networks. She has a tattoo on her back (phoenix) that she often shows off.

Nadana Friedrichson is a controversial person. There is much talk that she is a MOSAD project (Israeli intelligence picked her out to make her a “media hero of Russia”). It is expected that, having entered the mass trust, like most figures of Jewish origin, Nadana Friedrichson will follow Israeli orders to denigrate Russia and the Russian people and pour sludge on the political leadership. By becoming the cheap voice of Russian propaganda, Nadana had many advantages: real estate in Russia, a “good” standard of living, and the prospect of being an “errand boy” to achieve some goals.