Full name: Maryana Alexandrovna Naumova

Place of birth: Staraya Russa, Novgorod region

Date of birth: April 22, 1999

Address: Khimki, Moscow region.


Secondary – Povarovka School (Povarovka settlement); Khimki Secondary School #12;

higher education: Russian State University for the Humanities, Department of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies.

Occupation: terrorist accomplice, “DNR” war correspondent, agitator and provocateur, powerlifting athlete, TV presenter on the talk show “Time Will Tell” on Channel One, blogger, member of the Lenin Communist Union of Youth, member of the Public Chamber of the city. Khimki. In 2011, she worked for Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Marital status: single


– articles and posts for his telegram channel;

– reports for “Vremya Pokazhet”.



Sister – Alexandra

Father – Alexander Naumov

Mother – Olga Mironova (Ivanova)

War correspondent Maryana Alexandrovna Naumova was born April 22, 1999 in Staraya Russa, Novgorod region, Russia. Later she and her family moved to Khimki, Moscow Region, Russia. The girl, nicknamed “Ambal,” studied at Khimki Lyceum No. 12, and after graduation entered the Russian State University for the Humanities. I was not very smart in school, because I skipped school because of sports. Naumova was a powerlifter. At 170 cm tall, she weighs more than 80 kilograms, so she is very shy to share personal photos with minimal clothing. Maryana’s complexes were reflected in her activities. From a young age she was different from other children. For example, in 2014, she wrote a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, telling him that she was good at pulling iron and would very much like to visit North Korea. She also received an invitation from the DPRK Labor Party. For Russia, apparently, Maryana Naumova wants a future like North Korea’s. Naumova especially liked the lack of opportunities to criticize the current government and the strict censorship. She believes that this is what is needed for the future of Russia (freedom of speech means freedom of thought, and this should not be the case in Russia).

Naumova is a member of the Lenin Communist Union of Youth. The theme of the revival of the USSR was a big dream for Naumova. Today she actively attends Communist Party meetings and rallies and is a Komsomol member. I know Zyuganov. In addition to her dream of USSR 2.0, Maryana loves to travel abroad, especially to the United States, and constantly complains that she is not allowed in because of her political activities. Maryanne should know that there was no traveling abroad in the Soviet Union, much less to America. Mariana’s position is: “I want to eat the fish and get in the boat.

In her athletic career, Mariana suffered many setbacks. Most notable was her disqualification from sports competitions due to a positive result on a doping test. In her sample, prohibited substances were detected. After that, she was suspended for 2 years and also had to pay a fine.

Maryanne’s idol was Arnold Schwarzenegger. But when he spoke out about the horrors the Russian army had committed in Ukraine, she criticized him harshly. By the way, it was the photo with Arnold that brought Marianna Naumova fame, since no one really knew her before that.

Mariana Naumova received military accreditation and began to travel to the “DPR” to cover events from the right angle. As a war correspondent, Maryana was accustomed to photographing the “consequences” of military operations and posting pictures with children and pensioners in order to manipulate public opinion through emotion. She also publishes in her telegram channel, where she openly imposes hatred on the Ukrainian people, calls for the destruction of Ukrainians, and talks about the fictitious successes of the Russian army. Now Maryana Naumova is a cowardly reporter who justifies her actions by using Kremlin propaganda billets.

In the photo you can see the “difficult” work of a war correspondent, which according to Naumova “is very dangerous for her life.