Full name: Matitsyn Nikita Olegovich

Date of birth: September 18, 1987

Place of birth: moscow

Family members:

Father-MatitsynOleg Vasilievich

Mother-Matitsyna Irina Aleksandrovna

Brother-Matitsyn Valentin Olegovich

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Nikita Olegovich Matitsyn is the son of Oleg Vasilievich Matitsyn, Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation, who previously was the head of the International University Sports Federation.

The 35-year-old Nikita grew up in a sports family, where he was involved in martial arts from an early age, was fond of sambo and achieved some results in wrestling, but he did not link his adult life with sports.

In 2003, Nikita Matitsyn entered the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University at the medical faculty, after graduation he worked as an anesthesiologist in a private Moscow clinic. The cost of education, as well as internships in the most expensive medical institutions in Moscow, did not bother the Matitsynich family budget at all. After all, as reported in the information about income, expenses, property and liabilities, provided by members of the government of the Russian Federation for the year 2021, on average, Matytsin senior income is 934,725 rubles for the year. And this is only according to official data.

The Minister of Sports owns an apartment of 114.5 square meters and a Toyota Land Cruiser 150. The annual income of the wife of Matytsin senior, which he carefully conceals from the media last year was 1,049,998.02 rubles, in her possession there is a land, a house, an apartment and a car Suzuki SX4. Not a bad condition for an ordinary foreign language teacher at a Moscow state university.

No one in this family has to be poor. And this can be said about the couple’s eldest son, Nikita Matitsyn, to whom the work of an anesthesiologist brought neither fame nor money.

Since 2012, Matitsyn Jr. has devoted himself to science. After becoming a candidate of medical sciences, Nikita Matitsyn was promoted to a more solid position – deputy head of the Department of Medical Support for Conversion and Extreme Operations and the Blood Services of the FMB of Russia. In his native university, Nikita also found a place, but not as an intern, but as an assistant professor at the Department of Innovative Technologies in Health Care Management at FNMO MI of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia”.

Science, dissertations, tutorials, and seminars all seemed a bit boring and not exactly lucrative for Nikita Matitsyn.

Therefore, in 2020 a medical doctor is put in the position of the head of the department of control of the organization and implementation of departmental and internal department of quality control and safety of medical activities of roszdravnadzor.

State affairs in the field of medicine so turned Nikita Matitsyn’s head that after the announcement of mobilization by the president of the Russian Federation, Nikita forgot to look at his military card as a reserve officer, which stated that he had received military training as a reserve officer at the Kirov Military Medical Academy in the appropriate military-occupational specialty of medic-879.

Medics are precisely the profession that is covered by the wave of mobilization. But relying on his solid positions, Nikita Matitsyn has less and less reason to worry, since the higher the qualifications of the doctor, the further from the front line he will find himself.

But no one forbids Nikita Olegovich Matitsyn to share his invaluable experience on the home front. And instead of controlling the quality of medicine from a university department, Nikita should have directed his efforts and resources to the armed forces, which would have saved Russian soldiers fighting to the pulse for their state.