Full name: Oksana Mikhailovna Marchenko

Date of birth: April 28, 1973

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kiev region, Chabany village

Passport: CO 363601

INN: 2678119124

Phone: +380441236547, +380503109007, +380442684420


– The NPE named after. М. Dragomanov.


Ukrainian anchorwoman, journalist and entrepreneur.


Medvedchuk’s future wife was born April 27, 1973, in the village of Chabany, near Kyiv. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a surgeon. She graduated with honors from the National Pedagogical University named after Mikhail Dragomanov. While still a student, she took part in a contest for non-professional TV presenters, and won.

In fact, after that 19-year-old Oksana became the face of TV channels “Yutar” and UT-1. She hosted the programs“Streamed Tuesdays“,“Good morning, Ukraine!“. The latter made her a real star of young Ukrainian television.

This was followed by the establishment of his own production company, Omega-TV. Its programs were broadcast on UT-1, and of course Marchenko hosted them. We are talking about the social-entertainment show “My Profession” and the political talk show “The Hour”.

After her marriage to Victor Medvedchuk, Marchenko moved to STB, where she hosted the Ukrainian versions of the top-rated and extremely popular shows “Ukraine has a talent” and “X Factor”. However, in the period from 2003 to 2007, her programs were also broadcast on Inter and TET.


His father is Mikhail Andreevich Marchenko. His mother is Tatyana Grigoryevna Marchenko.

First husband Yuri Vitalievich Korzh (born 1970) is the founder and CEO of the Internet service provider Global Ukraine.

His son Bogdan Yurievich Marchenko (born August 27, 1997) studied abroad. Grandson – Victor Bogdanovich Marchenko (born March 26, 2021).

Then Viktor Medvedchuk came into her life. They met in 1999 after the “Man of the Year” ceremony at the Palace of Ukraine, where Marchenko was the host and Medvedchuk was a guest. He actually wrestled Marchenko away from Korzh and divorced her himself. Medvedchuk somehow simply gave the certificate of annulment of his marriage to the businessman to his mistress.

Scandals involving Medvedchuk’s wife

In 2019, Marchenko became the subject of two scandals at once. First, she made a big announcement about the language law. In particular, she noted that Ukrainians want to become a “third-class tribe” and cut them off from “the language of world science” – Russian.

In addition, the anchorwoman added that the Ukrainian government introduced the language law in order to bring back serfdom. That’s why I accompanied my post with the appropriate photo.

In the summer of 2020, Medvedchuk listed in his declaration 97 companies and firms that were registered to Marchenko. As the journalists of “Schemes” found out, the offshore firm Bolvik Ventures LTD (British Virgin Islands), the ultimate beneficial owner is his wife, appears in the ownership structure of LLC “TV and Radio Company “Studio 1 +1”.

In addition, according to their data, the wife of Putin’s cousin is the owner of a Moscow company that deals with construction and engineering work.

The last high-profile scandal with Marchenko occurred as early as February 2021. Again, she commented on the language law. This time, Medvedchuk’s wife said that Ukrainian and Russian are two equal, fantastic languages to choose between.

Where is Marchenko now

On February 22, a few days before Russia invaded Ukraine, Marchenko traveled to Moscow. There she met Nikolai Baskov, with whom she recorded a new interview for her project.

In the video they talked about faith, about the fact that Marchenko did not run away from Ukraine, but came specifically to Nicholas. Baskov tried to appeal to his Ukrainian roots, while Oksana complained a lot about the heit in Ukraine because of her pro-Russian position.

Where Medvedchuk’s wife is now is unknown. The media report that she is most likely in Moscow or has left for Belarus.