Full name: Oksana (Ksenia) Walter

Date of birth: 09.03.1982

Place of residence: Gummersbach, Germany.

Occupation.Agent of the Russian Federation, organizer of anti-Ukrainian rallies in Germany

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Son: Alexander (Sasha) Walter

Date of birth: 11/14/2003

Daughter: Alice Walter

Date of birth:01.11.2005

A brief biography of Oksana Walter

Oksana (Ksenia) Walter was born March 9, 1982 in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. She studied at two local schools: No. 32 and No. 17, and finished high school in 1996. Then she studied at the medical university. The places of her residence at the time indicated first Yekaterinburg, and then Sumy (Ukraine).

In 2000, she got married and moved to Porta Westfalica, Germany. There Walter gave birth to two children, Alexander and Alice. While the children were growing up, she did not work, but began to actively promote herself in social networks, was a moderator on forums for young mothers. Walter later took a job as a caregiver for elderly Germans, and in 2010 she divorced her husband.

Currently resides in Gummersbach. At the moment she teaches painting for children in the art studio Ultra Bunt. in the neighboring town of Kirspe. Also moonlights as a snow maiden during the New Year holidays.

Oksana Walter’s agency activities

Peaceful life in Germany did not suit Walter, she was nostalgic for the Soviet past. So I started attending events organized by Russian agents. Noticing Walter’s activity, the handlers gave her a task of her own: to discredit NATO and Ukraine. For this purpose, in the summer of 2022, she created the organization “Children of War”.

This project should tell the story of how children suffer during armed conflicts and thus make adults stop the bloodshed. In reality, Walter and her accomplice Anna Korol organize exhibitions and rallies during which they accuse the United States and NATO of massacring children around the world.

Under the guise of dead children, they incite Germans to come out to protest against supporting Ukraine and supplying weapons to defend against Russian aggression. During at least one of these events, Ukrainian refugees were attacked. Walter makes no secret of the fact that he performs tasks from Russian handlers and enjoys giving out interviews to propaganda media, such as for
Russia Today

At the same time, she cannot fail to understand that she will still have to answer for lies and provocations. That’s why Walter concealed information about herself and her children in social networks as much as possible. However, this did not prevent us from finding her, so it would not be too difficult for German justice to prosecute Walther for her activities as an agent.