Full name: Olga Kurlaeva

Date of birth: April 15, 1977

Address: Russian Federation, Moscow ul. 15-ya Park 42, building 1, sq. 6.

Passport: 70 01 225767


Editor-in-Chief at the TVC television channel;

producer of the Rossiya TV channel of the VGTRK holding company;

anchor on the NTV channel;

-military correspondent of the TV channel “Russia 1” of VGTRK holding;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist;



Spouse – Anatoly Kurlaev, born December 7, 1977.

Sister – Anna Zhukova (Malakhova), born September 9, 1986.

My sister’s husband is Maxim Zhukov, born September 9, 1978.

Mother – Elena Malakhova (Gladina), born June 02, 1960.

Father – Eugene Malakhov, born in 1954.

The hapless traveler, war correspondent and propagandist Olga Kurlaeva was born April 15, 1977 in Novomoskovsk, Tula. Kurlaeva spent her school years in Novomoskovsk School No. 2. According to public sources, she received a liberal arts degree and decided to tie her life to journalism.

Olga began her journalistic career on local Tula television. There she was engaged in investigative journalism, for example, she covered the raider takeover of the Tula paper mill in 2004. As a result of the investigation, the perpetrator was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Her successful appearance on local TV could not go unnoticed in Moscow, and after a while she was hired as an editor at TV Center.

The work at “TVC” begins the rise of Kurlaeva’s career. After a year as an editor, she was invited to work at VGTRK as a producer for the television channel Rossiya. In the following years she had a “switch-over. After six years as a producer, she got a job as the host of the program “Maximum” on the TV channel “NTV”. Kurlaeva admits that during her work at “NTV” she learned what she had not learned in her six years at VGTRK. After the program on NTV was shut down, she took a job as a war correspondent back at VGTRK.

As a military correspondent, she participated in the coverage of armed conflicts of interest to the Russian authorities, such as the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine against the so called “terrorists. “DPR” and “LPR. She also covered the events of Euromaidan in 2014 from a favorable point of view for which she was deported from Ukraine.

“Touring” Olga is not very successful, because already in 2018 she and her husband were deported from Latvia, allegedly without explanation. There was a reason, and a good one – everywhere she went, she filmed stories that would compromise the state in which Kurlaeva was filming the story. The Lithuanian authorities did not take long to deport her back to the Russian Federation with the note “threat to Latvian national security.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Olga Kurlaeva has a new “front of work. In addition to supporting the so-called “In her telegram channel she panders to Russian aggression in the information field, incites hatred and hostility between the Ukrainian and Russian people, promotes war, and speaks out against the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.

You always have to take responsibility for your actions. And in Olga’s case, no exception will be made for her and she will be awaiting trial for her crimes, which will give her a severe and fair punishment .