Full name: Selivanov Alexei Sergeevich

Date of birth: December 7, 1980

Place of birth: Kiev

Place of registration: St. Petersburg, Russia

Addresses related to Alexei:

г. Kiev:

  • ul. Levitan 3, sq. 42;
  • ul. Ukrainian 20, kv. 31;
  • ul. Solomenskaya 16/11;
  • ul. Kibalchicha 16, sq. 7


  • Kiev Polytechnic Institute, specialty “engineer-constructor of laser and optoelectronic devices;
  • National Aviation University, graduate school, profile “political science;
  • National Pedagogical University named after M. P. Dragomanov;
  • Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs named after E.A. Didorenko

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Nickname: “Skunk Skiff

Mobile numbers:

+380932023273, +380986225656

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine:

AM series #408196

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation: 4514 751087

DRFO code: 2956113810


– t.s. “deputy head of the main police department of the civil-military administration of the russian federation in Zaporizhzhia region;

– t.s. “Head of the Energodar Interdistrict Police Department”



In 2004 he was elected ataman of the Union of the Faithful Cossacks in Kiev, and in 2008 was the founder and chief ataman of one of the volunteer, the oldest pro-Russian and paramilitary International Public Organization “Faithful Cossacks”. He was a member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots organizations, also supervised the cadet-cossack direction of the Center for Military-Patriotic and Sports Education of Youth “Paratrooper”, head of the Cossack Cadet Circle for children.

Worked in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine during the time of Minister V.P. Lebedev and in the Ministry of Education under Minister D.V. Tabachnik.

Under the leadership of Alexei Selivanov, the organization “Faithful Cossacks” was primarily engaged in educating and uniting people under a certain conviction, where a special place was given to the education of the young/young generation. Education was in the format of circles, with a military-patriotic bias, both on the basis of cadets and church parishes.

Among Alexei’s achievements in the “Faithful Cossacks” organization are the following:

in events aimed at anti-NATO actions (blocking the port in Feodosia, blocking NATO meetings in Kiev);

Conducting actions regarding the prolongation of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s presence in Crimea;

and strengthening of the Russian language;

Help brothers in common cause (Crimean Cossacks) to install monuments to Catherine the Great in Sevastopol;

Installation of the bow crosses;

in the “russian spring”;

– Donbass Militia;

– During the Euromaidan, he promoted the unity of Russia, held rallies and marches about unity with the Russian Federation and against the course of European integration.

Moreover, Oleksiy repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian media educate and develop separatist sentiments among the younger generation as the only and correct solution to radical changes in politics.

On April 19, 2014, Alexei Sergeevich was attacked, as a result of which Alexei suffered a concussion. According to Alexei himself, the reason for the beating was political repression by the Ukrainian authorities.

He directly participated in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation. He financed terrorist and separatist formations controlled by the Russian Federation.

After the end of the active phase of hostilities, he worked in the “Luhansk people’s republic” as a senior operative of the department of the “Ministry of Internal Affairs” for minors, and was chairman of the NGO “Patriotic Association of Donbass.

Alexei pays special attention to the patriotic education of young people, and has repeatedly held meetings of military-patriotic clubs “LNR” on the basis of the “Moloda Guardia” LNR recreation camp.

As part of the demonstration, children’s sports clubs held an obstacle course, the study of small arms, various demonstrations, a master class on sapper and putting on a common military protective kit, courses on survival and throwing knives, military-patriotic games.

Alexei himself believes that he is one of the “creators ” of the “DnR” and “LnR” and the “Russian world.

Believes that one day there will be a return to the traditional “historical Russian lands – Novorossia, Little Russia, Slobozhanshchina.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression into the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, as a war correspondent he urged through the mass media the soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine to “take down the criminal regime in Kiev”.

I am sure that the Ukrainian government has dragged its population into war, and Western countries are aiding and abetting it. He also believes that the Ukrainian army is ruled by bullying of soldiers by officers, as evidenced by the low moral and psychological state.

He assures that the Ukrainian and Russian people have the same mentality.
one mentality
Therefore, all the information and propaganda measures of the Ukrainian authorities in relation to their people have not brought the desired result.

Claims that the Ukrainian government has always sought to destroy Donbass and continues to do so today by destroying civilian infrastructure.

On July 17, 2022, information appeared in the information space that Alexei was detained by representatives of law enforcement agencies in the city of Melitopol. Among the accused, Alexei pointed to the “new leadership of the MIA in Zaporizhzhia region,” but this information was later denied by Alexei himself, citing the fact that he had been absent for several days due to food poisoning.