Full name: Oleg Anatolievich Shunevich

Pseudonym: “Oleg Blokhin

Date of birth: 14.08.1974

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, Makarova Street, 16B (place of residence in social networks indicates the province of Latakia, Syria)

Education: Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov. I.I. Mechnikov, Geology and Geography Faculty, Department of General and Marine Ideology (1991-1996)


ANNA News military correspondent, blogger, and military expert on Russian TV channels


War correspondent Oleg Shunevich, better known as “Oleg Blokhin”, was born August 14, 1974 in Tiraspol, Republic of Moldova. As a child, his family moved to the city of Odessa, Ukraine.

It was there that Oleg Shunevich received his higher education at the Odessa National University named after I. I. He graduated from the geology and geography department of the Mechnikov Moscow State University in 1996.

In 2014, Oleg Shunevich was one of the supporters of the so-called “Russian Spring” in Ukraine, in connection with which he went to Donbass to further cover events and promote the terrorist organizations “LDNR. Then Oleg Shunevich decided for himself that his vocation was military journalism in the interests of the Kremlin.

During this period, Oleg Shunevich got a job as a so-called “war correspondent” for a pro-Russian news agency “ANNA News.”The “special military operation”, where he works to this day, openly propagandizing the war, justifying the military aggression of Russia on the territory of Ukraine during the punitive “special military operation”, performing tasks of information support of the “LPRR” armed forces in order to discredit the AFU and raise the morale of the military personnel of the “LPRR” pseudo republics, mobilized to participate in the war against Ukraine.

An interesting fact: Oleg Shunevich became famous as a military correspondent while covering the military conflict in Syria, where Russian troops and mercenaries provided “diplomatic” support to President Bashar al-Assad and conducted a so-called military operation already in Syrian cities, destroying all civilian infrastructure.

As a pro-Russian mercenary in Syria, Oleg Shunevich lived in the province of Latakia, as evidenced by the many photos on social media.

Since the beginning of the open military invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, Oleg Shunevich, with the help of his “promoted” Telegram channel “Oleg Blokhin” performs tasks of information support of Russian troops in various hot spots of combat operations in Ukraine, promotes war, violations of laws and customs of war, conducts special information campaigns aimed at mass disinformation of Russian-speaking population both in Russia and post-Soviet countries.

In addition, Oleg Shunevich is a frequent guest on political talk shows on Russian TV channels in which he spreads disinformation about the war in Ukraine to make the Kremlin propaganda believable.

Nothing is known about the personal life of Oleg Shunevich, the propagandist carefully conceals information about his family, so that his family is not endangered in connection with his terrorist activities.

After all, Shunevich will have to answer before God and the law for his crimes.