Full name: Egorova Snezhana Aleksandrovna

Date of birth: February 23, 1972

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kherson region, Nova Kakhovka


– Ukrainian actress and TV presenter. Presenter of the show “The People’s Star”.


After graduating from Novokakhovskaya High School in 1989, Snezhana became a student at the Kiev State Institute of Theater Art named after V.I. Lenin. Karpenko-Karogo. In 1993 she graduated from the acting department.


Snezhana has been married twice. Her first husband was the director Semyon Egorov (Gorov). In 1992, Snezhana gave birth to her daughter Anastasia and five years later to Alexandra.

From 2006 to 2015, Snezhana was married to actor and TV host Antin Mukharsky (also known as Orest Lyutiy). Three more children were born into this marriage. Andrei was born in 2006, Arina in 2010, and Ivan in 2012.

Attitude towards Euromaidan and Russian aggression

In 2014, Snezhana Yegorova was sharply critical of Euromaidan. She claimed that women who provided sexual services to protesters had had abortions in tents on the Maidan in Kiev and called the events a “bloody banquet.”

She has also regularly made negative assessments of the regime established in Ukraine after 2014 under Petro Poroshenko: “I don’t like these heroes, these raguls, who came out of nowhere, villagers, who communicate in surzhik and are ready to lay down their lives.

Yegorova criticized Vladimir Zelenski for not fulfilling his election promises and incompetence. In her opinion, the Ukrainian leader thinks only about putting on makeup in the morning, driving to the set, shooting a video that was prepared by professionals, and reading prepared texts. “And I think it’s time for you to end this farce that you’re playing for the whole country and for the whole world,” Yegorova urged.

He has a positive attitude to Alexander Lukashenko. She noted that she had great respect for him because he had “invested his life in the prosperity” of Belarus, which has hospitals, roads and working businesses.

She stated that the military defending Ukraine in the Donbass had a high suicidal tendency.

“When a person sees no prospects in his life and that life has no value for him,” argued Egorova.

In 2020, the host wrote an “obituary”: “The young and healthy body of Ukraine was killed by a lingering and deadly disease called ‘independence’ 1991-2014.

But the most scandalous statement the presenter and actress made in January 2022. Egorova wrote the following on Facebook: “I support PUTIN!!! And I’m not going to change my opinion that it’s about time to bring sanity back to Ukraine!!!”.