Name: Sofia Stuzhuk

Date of birth: May 21, 1995

Place of birth: Ukraine, Sevastopol


– Internet star, blogger.


Spouse – Dmitry Stuzhuk (married from 2014 to 2020)

Son – David (born November 23, 2015)

Daughter – Lola (born February 22, 2018)


The future celebrity was born May 21, 1995 in Sevastopol. There she studied at Gymnasium No. 8, simultaneously studying dance and trying her hand at different styles. The girl has mastered ballroom, pop and sports, as well as hip-hop and R&B. Because of my hobby, I sometimes did not have enough time to study, which provoked conflicts with my parents. Her mom works at the school. There is an older brother.

After graduating from high school Sofia entered the Sevastopol Institute of Banking, but her studies did not work out, and she decided to get a law degree in the Ukrainian capital, where her father had previously moved. The girl became a student at Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, where she defended her bachelor’s degree. She did not go to work in her specialty.

Sofia Stuzhuk, 26, was accused of covering up the situation. Some felt that the blogger simply supports everything that happens in her country. In retaliation, the star was deprived of the ability to use social networks. The brown-haired woman notes that she simply did not have time to speak out, because she was on the road for four days with young children. Now the young mother is receiving threats from her compatriots for allegedly betraying her homeland.

Dangerous Tips by Sophia Stuzhuk

Sophia Stuzhuk in her blog often gives advice that professional doctors consider dangerous. In particular, we are talking about giving birth at home. Obstetricians-gynecologists claim that such births in Ukraine carry deadly risks.

Medical experts also consider the rejection of vaccinations, which Sofia Stuzhuk promotes in her blog, to be dangerous. The blogger is also against traditional methods of contraception.

Attitudes toward Russian Terror

Blogger-millionaire Sofia Stuzhuk, who has never once condemned Russian aggression during a full-scale war, found “justification” for Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine. The Instagram star cynically stated that Ukrainians themselves are to blame for what happened, as they allegedly “rejoice in other people’s destruction.” By “other people’s destruction,” the traitor meant the explosions on the illegally built Crimean bridge, a symbol of the Kremlin’s occupation policy.

The blogger posted the scandalous message in her InstaStories. She published a screenshot of the thoughts of a certain Yevgeny, to whom the shelling of Ukrainian cities seemed quite logical. Stuzhuk agreed with him.

“Greetings to everyone from Kiev who was happy about the Crimean bridge! I repeat once again – where the attention is, there is energy. What you wanted, you got,” Eugene said in his message.

Stuzhuk complemented his words. She wrote: “Even now, when explosions are rumbling in my city, I think exactly as Zhenya wrote. You can’t be for peace and at the same time rejoice in the deaths or destruction of others… So you’re not for peace exactly.