Full name: Timur Ruslanovich Abzalov

Place of birth: Republic of Uzbekistan

Places of residence:

г. Simferopol

  • ul. Sevastopolskaya 21;
  • ul. Simeizskaya 28, sq. 2

г. Evpatoria, st. 9-th May 45, kv. 8.

Education: Taurida National University. V.I. Vernadsky

Rank: Colonel

Mobile number: 79787143222

Occupation: Prosecutor for supervising the investigation of criminal cases in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;

t.s. supervising the trafficking, sale and functioning of the drug trade in Crimea


He went over to the side of the occupant, was glad that he was starting to serve in the Russian Federation, told me that in Ukraine to get the rank of major or higher one has to pay bribes.

I spread the word that many politicians in Ukraine are in favor of a union with Russia.

Service record:


  • Investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Central District of Simferopol;
  • Senior Investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Central District of Simferopol;


  • пThe prosecutor of the local prosecutor’s office in Dzhankoy;
  • prosecutor of the local prosecutor’s office in Simferopol;

2014 – 2019

  • Prosecutor of the Yevpatoria Prosecutor’s Office;
  • the prosecutor of the Belogorsk district;

2019 – Prosecutor of Krasnoperekopsk;

2019-2020 – Prosecutor of the Krasnoperekopsk District;

2020 – Prosecutor of Kashira District of Voronezh Region, Senior Advisor of Justice;


  • an employee of the Yevpatoria prosecutor’s office;
  • Prosecutor for Supervision of Criminal Investigations in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Support for the Occupier:

He is a member of the destructive armed “Russian Spring” movement, where he, in turn, fabricated fictitious cases against protesters in occupied Crimea.

After the stabilization and consolidation of russian power in Crimea, Timur Ruslanovich was involved in the persecution of the Crimean Tatars. He received the necessary data from Seytumer Nimetullaev, who founded a public organization called “Qurim Birligi,” whose purpose was to protect the Turkic people, but de facto is only a flywheel of repression.

With so much experience and an impressive track record, Timur has managed to acquire many useful contacts, the most honorable of which are drug dealers.

Timur Ruslanovich covers drug dealers, for which he gets a splendid dividend. Over such a long period of work with the occupation authorities, Timur managed to establish an entire drug cartel, consisting of a coordination center in Crimea and reserve distribution points in the so-called “dnr/lnr.

Timur Ruslanovich pays special attention in his daily activities to the gambling business, which is closely connected with the drug trade.

Behind the entire Crimean gambling business is Timur, who has taken under his protection the so-called local politicians, who, in turn, lobby for each other’s interests, thereby making the scheme work like a Swiss clock, with no margin for error or exposure.

It is worth adding that Timur, as a representative of the law, has established himself very well in the highest circles. Therefore, the leadership has been eyeing him for a long time to give him a new position and expand his capacity to raise more impressive funds for the Crimean prosecutor’s office.