Date of birth: June 22, 1979

Place of residence: Moscow, Russia

Place of birth:
Penza, Russian Federation


+380634903357, +79152817746


A war correspondent of the REN-TV channel, and a journalist. Collaborates with

The Russian Federation’s pro-Russian terrorist organizations, including


in propaganda activities


ossian propaganda activities against Ukraine.


– From 1981-1985. – Secondary General Education School No. 24 in Penza;

– с

1986-1990. – Bolsheturinsk School;

– Since 1990. – Secondary school in Naushki in the Kyakta District of the Republic of Buryatia;

– Graduated from School #24 in Ulan-Ude, Zvyozdny village, 1986-1996;

– Graduated from the Penza Institute of Architecture and Construction (PGASA).

He served and studied at the Ulyanovsk Higher Military Technical School named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky from 1996 to 2001. He also served at the RCBZ base in Onokhoy-3 village, Republic of Buryatia.


Published in the following publications:

– articles and reports for theREN-TV channel;

– analytical materials for the online;

– analytics forthe Penza Information Portal;

– posts and publications for the Izvestia Telegram Channel;

– materials for the editorial board of Izvestia.

Family: married, two sons, Oleg and Igor.

Wife – Vera Trushnina (Shapkina), May 03, 1982, Moscow.

sister – Elena, who lives in Penza.

Relative – Lyudmila Rudakova (Shapkin), 18.02.1973, lives in Penza.

Relative – Elena Yaytsova (Yangaeva), 09.04.1986, lives in Penza.

goddaughter – Sofia, 20.07.2007, lives in Penza.

mother – Tatyana Valentinovna Trushnina

Correspondent Valentin Trushnin was born on June 22, 1979 in Penza, where he spent his childhood and his education. in two schools: Bolsheturinskoh schoolsе and schoolsе №24. Trushinin went on to study at the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; accordingly, Valentin has no specialized journalistic education.

He began his television career in Penza on channel 11 of TRK Nash Dom. In 2003, he won in the category “Reportage” at the Second All-Russian Contest “TEFI-region”. Then Valentin Trushnin worked at the Interstate TV and Radio Company “Mir” in Moscow. The main job that brought him the most popularity was at the REN-TV channel, where Trushnin was a special correspondent. Valentin Trushnin now promotes his propaganda with the help of Izvestia, where he works as a correspondent.

In Trushnin’s biography you can find information about his “achievements in Syria and on the territory of Ukraine. “Accomplishments.The “Mi” for Russian war correspondents are pictures of street seals, doggies, and other evidence of being in the war. Valentin Trushnin has plenty of these photos.

Valentin Trushnin has a rather large family. He met his wife, Vera, at the 11thм The channel where she worked as an editing director. He has two children: Oleg and Igor. He’s been teaching his children how to live by the Kremlin’s teaching book since childhood, because he himself has lived by the Kremlin’s teaching book all his life, has a lot of experience.

In interviews Trushnin often boasts that in one day he mounts videos, and writes 10 articles and reports on five topics simultaneously, after which he works out for many hours, and does not sleep or eat. You could say that Trushnin is a real robot. By the way, he and the robot have one more quality in common – the absence of thinking and automatic execution of tasks without unnecessary reflection.

In 2016, Trushnin had an unpleasant incident involving detention at Istanbul airport and further deportation to Russia. The Turkish authorities cite propaganda activities aimed at promoting Russian interests in Turkey as the reason for his deportation. Simply put, Turkey is sharply opposed to Russian propagandists on its territory. Trushnin himself does not consider himself a propagandist, because you have to do a lot of things for the “good” goal, even if it involves deceiving his population. For a hereditary military man, the word “order” is non-negotiable. And questions of humanity or honesty are not raised.



Valentin Trushnin’s reputation is as follows: the son of an officer, who thanks to his father achieved “many” successes in life; a snitch who works for the special services of the


a fan of making reports about “captures” of various fans of military battalions, who do not even resist Trushnin (he uses fake people to create new content).

It is impossible to miss the fact that Trushnin was directly involved in the deaths of Russian army servicemen. This happened after a reporter shot a report about The military unit 74325 from the city of Znamensk, Astrakhan Oblast, which was stationed on the territory of Ukraine. After the report came out, the soldiers’ positions were shelled.


and incompetence

Military correspondent Trushnin had


The consequences of Trushnin’s unprofessional and incompetent

a petition proposing a ban on war correspondents’ access to the front. Recall that on June 30, 2022, the Izvestia website published a report by Trushnin titled “A military correspondent of Izvestia showed a ‘tank carousel’ of the Russian Armed Forces in the DNR.” The video includes footage of combat positions from a drone.

Valentin Trushnin lacks much in order to become a real journalist: professional experience, knowledge of the situation, and the courage not to dance to the Kremlin’s tune.