Full name: Kokhanovskaya (Rymar) Victoria Sviatoslavovna

Date of birth: 03.05.1984

Place of birth: Ukraine, Khmelnitsk region, Volkovintsy village.

Occupation: pseudo-activist, Kremlin agent

Address of residence: Ukraine, Khmelnitsky region, Kamyanets-Podolsky, Privokzalna str. 12, sq.36.


INN: 3080420203

Passport: NV 281844

Phone: +380978002108

Brother’s wife: Kovalenko Elena Vitalievna

Date of birth: 15.10.1964

Place of birth: rf, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk

INN: 2366405760


Son: Yaroslav Alexandrovich Kokhanovsky

Date of birth: May 19, 2003

Phone: +380965714123

Email: [email protected]

Biography of Victoria Kohanovskaya

Victoria Kohanovskaya (Rymar) was born May 3, 1984 in the village of Volkovintsy, Khmelnitsky region. She lived in the neighboring village of Radovtsy, where, from the memories of fellow villagersThe first one, the first one, had an extremely controversial reputation. In 2001, she graduated from the local school and entered Kamyanets-Podilsky State University, received a diploma as a teacher of English in primary classes in 2006.

Since 2005, she worked in her specialty at the Koricinets school, but she only lasted a year there. Then Kokhanovskaya decided to dramatically change her life and became a “private entrepreneur. That is, she began to trade in the Khmelnitsky bazaar. At the same time she received a second degree in business management. Claims to have owned the Dobrobud real estate agency since 2009. In fact, Kokhanovskaya leads a public organization with the same name.

Kohanovskaya’s biography on paper looks decent enough. However, in fact, in Kamyanets-Podilsky she is known as a professional extortionist. Under the guise of a social activist, Kokhanovskaya was ordering the harassment of politicians and officials. This is easily confirmed by even a cursory analysis of her social networks. The political preferences and targets of her attacks changed radically, depending on the conjuncture and the new order.

But as time went on and Kokhanovska became cramped in Kamyanets-Podilsky, she decided to move to the “big league”. In 2014, she ran for national deputy, but garnered only 1,094 votes. This did not shake Kokhanovskaya’s ambitions and she continued to work as an “activist on demand,” while trying to fill her electorate with populist statements and high-profile lawsuits.

The second attempt to compete for the parliamentary mandate in 2019 was also a failure. But then a real “golden client” appeared in Kokhanovska’s life: she became an “advocate” of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (ROCVU) and an agent of Russian influence. All this under the auspices of her public organization “Women’s Power of Ukraine.

Victoria Kokhanovskaya: Agent Activity

Pseudo-activist Victoria Kohanovskaya is an active participant in actions in support of the Russian Orthodox Church. Recently it has been arranging provocations on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, from which they are trying to evict the pro-Russian clergy.

Kohanovskaya is a master of scandal. Her statements about the division of Ukraine have apparently already aroused the interest of the SBU. When asked by journalists how the story of the eviction of the ROCU would end, she replied: “The authorities in Ukraine will be liquidated. There will be no power in Ukraine. If you want to know what will happen next, I will tell you: Bukovina will break away from the Romanian Orthodox Church. Transcarpathia will go to Hungary. And Poland will have Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa.

Kohanovskaya began to actively intervene in religious issues after the full-scale invasion of Russia. Despite the fact that the latter supports Russian aggression in every possible way. In particular, it is known that she arranged provocations in the city Boguslav, village Tarasovka Kiev region, in the city Rozhyshche Volyn region.

Recently, Kokhanovskaya has been constantly on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra in the capital city. Recently, the SBU managed to pick up Victoria Kokhanovskaya for interrogation. After this, the pseudo-activist posted a video in which she voiced a radically different position on the Ukrainian state. “God is one, Ukraine is one, the Ukrainian people are one, and the enemy we all have is the Russian Federation, which has occupied our territory,” she said.

What say about Kohanovskaya another people

Here’s what told Andriy Kovalev, a religious scholar and press officer of the 112th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine: “As soon as the initiative of the Moscow Patriarchate to join the PCU appeared in some villages or towns, Ms. Kohanovskaya appeared in that town or village. She was already a member of the Moscow Patriarchate from Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, from Lviv, went to Volyn. She shows up in every village and starts creating a picture for Putin and telling him that the community doesn’t want to convert. And how can she know if she had never been to that village or town before the community was transferred?

“And now this person is posing as a parishioner of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. She is in charge of several dozen, maybe a hundred, specially trained girls, women, who throw themselves at journalists. They have a clear algorithm of how to act. Some have their cameras ripped out, some have their microphones ripped out. There are specially trained people who come and literally tell journalists a pre-prepared text about the ‘canonical church,’ about ‘persecution of the Orthodox in Ukraine’ and the like,” Kovalyov adds.

After Kokhanovska’s conversation with the SBU, one question remains: will she stop engaging in provocations in favor of the ROC, or will she continue to play along with the Kremlin? The answer will be known soon.