Full name: Sokolovsky Yaroslav Evgenyevich

Date of birth: 07.08.1977

Marital status: married

Place of residence: Kharkiv region, the city of Kupyansk

Kharkiv region, Kupyansk, Kupyansk-Uzlovoy, 99 Veselaya str;

г. Kharkov, Molochnaya street, 3, apt. 147

Education: Kharkov State Academy of Railway Transport

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: ММ298888

Identification number: 2834303537

Driver’s license: CAA296373

Mobile numbers: +380500277300, +380574241020

Occupation: Deputy Director of the Kupyansk Railroad



  • Irina Sokolovskaya (Zimina)
  • 21.01.1977 year of birth.
  • INN: 2814504968

Collaborationist activities:

Before defecting to the side of the occupant, he served as head of the production unit “Kupyansky Protective Forestry Distance.

However, after accepting the offer of the occupants to hold the post of deputy director of the Kupyanskaya railroad Yaroslav Evgenyevich’s life has changed significantly.

He began to openly discredit the Ukrainian government. He believes that the current war will help to raise the ratings of the current government by the next election. It is also convinced that much of the financial proceeds allocated to the defense and defense of Ukraine have been stolen.

However, what remains important is that Yaroslav openly supports the aggressor’s power and believes that it is high time for Ukraine to begin negotiations on the demilitarization of Ukraine and the establishment of a puppet government in Kiev.

Also, like most of the collaborators, promotes narratives of infringement on the Russian-speaking population. He assures that the local population of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts decided long ago to be under the auspices of the rf, which has been quite successful in its functions since 2014.

As deputy director of the Kupyansk Railroad, he deals with the movement of personnel and equipment of the rf. Using “trusted people,” he sabotages railroad traffic in Ukrainian-controlled territories.



  • Natalya Sokolovskaya Yaroslavovna
  • Born on September 10, 2007.
  • TIN:3933405387


  • Antonina Vladimirovna Zimina
  • Born on 01.09.1957.
  • INN: 2106321940


  • Sokolovsky Evgeny Evgenyevich
  • Born on November 27, 1985.
  • TIN:3137711775
  • Place of residence: 63709, Ukraine, Kharkov region, Kupyansk, Kupyansk-Uzlovoy, 99 Veselyaya str.


  • Sokolovsky Evgeny Gennadievich
  • Born on 06.09.1948.
  • INN: 1778114434
  • Place of residence: 63709, Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kupyansk, Kupyansk-Uzlovoy, 99 Veselyaya str.


  • Sokolovskaya Svetlana Semyonovna
  • Born March 21, 1957.
  • INN: 2084000984; 2089916988
  • Place of residence: 63709, Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kupyansk, Kupyansk-Uzlovoy, 99 Veselyaya str.