Full name: Bardash Yuri Fedorovich

Date of birth: February 23, 1983

Place of birth: Ukraine, Lugansk region. Alchevsk

INN: 3036921693


-secondary specialty-Industrial Technical School DonGTI;

-specialty: turner.


– producer, choreographer, singer.




Agent of Influence – Yuri Fedorovich Bardash, born February 23, 1983, Alchevsk, Lugansk region, – Ukrainian producer, choreographer, singer. Founder of the production center “Kruzheva Music”. Founder and producer of Quest Pistols, Quest Pistols Show, Gribi, Nervy, Luna, Wellboy, etc. Formerly a member of the band Mushrooms.

Yuri’s childhood up to the age of four was difficult, since he grew up in an orphanage. And several times it was taken away and given back. After graduating from the college (specialty “turner”), in August 2002, he moved to Kiev. To support himself, he first “spun” break-dance on Kreshchatik, and then danced in various ballets. Subsequently, he was invited to the musical “Equator,” for which he recruited a team of four more breakdancers. At the same time, Yuri Bardash began staging numbers and management: he was looking for other ways to earn money for his ensemble.

When Bardash was not yet considered a good dancer, he had already recruited a class of 20 girls whom he began to teach dancing. Teaching others accelerated his own development while generating some profit. In 2005, Yuri Bardash performed a dance solo for the music video “Discomalaria” by Belarusian rapper Sergei.

Socio-political activities

In 2019, Yuri Bardash was the subject of the first film in the documentary series “Flow” about Russian music. The project was launched by Pavel Karykhalin of Stereotactic and music journalist Alexander Gorbachev.

At the end of that year, Bardash was interviewed by the Russian journalist and blogger Yuri Dudh in the program “vDudh. It became high-profile because during an interview with Dudem, Bardash began to voice Kremlin narratives regarding the war in Donbass. In the course of the dialogue, Bardash started talking about the mythical persecution of the Russian-speaking population in Donbass by the Ukrainian authorities.

“You can feel the pressure, the hard pressure on these people. As soon as you want to say something – you are immediately a separatist, you are immediately a ‘vatnik,'” he said in an interview.

Bardash also mentioned the demolition of monuments and the renaming of streets as part of decommunization, calling those Ukrainians who fought against the Soviet regime accomplices of the Nazis. For this interview, Bardash was listed on the website “Peacemaker” in 2019.

Journalists also said that by his silence the man allegedly supports the war in Ukraine.

Yuri Bardash in Sergei Ivanov’s program “Antipodes” expressed the opinion that after Euromaidan life has not become better, and elderly Ukrainians live poorer and worse every year.

When asked how he felt about what was happening in Ukraine, Yuri replied that his heart ached for his native Lugansk and its residents, who found themselves in a difficult situation.

In 2022, after Russia invaded Ukraine, Yuri Bardash said he had no pity for the people of Ukraine, called on Ukraine to capitulate to Russia, and stated that in his opinion, Ukrainians’ condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and those Russians who support it leads to confrontation between the peoples.

About Russia and citizenship

During the live broadcast, Bardash made it clear: he is not against the “Russian world” in Ukraine. He called the peoples of the former Soviet Union brotherly. And the phrase: “We are no better than the Belarusians and Russians” caused a storm of indignation in the comments. What will happen when the celebrities watch the tape of Yuri’s conclusions.

Instead of crying together, the Ukrainians started calling the Russians pigs. And there has been consolidation in Russian society,” Bardash concluded.

Also, Yuri confessed: he had been doing business with the Russian Federation since 2007. Which ones he did not specify.

“The potential of this country cannot be compared to any other country in the world,” said the RF amateur.

But Bardash did not confirm that he had a Russian passport. Calling talk of citizenship a rumor.

“I don’t know who Bandera is. Bardash Problems with History

During a live broadcast, the producer made it clear – he is not guided by the situation in his home country. The rocket attack on the maternity hospital in Mariupol, he moved to Kharkiv. Could not say exactly what was going on in Ukraine in 2014 on the Maidan, as “there was a lot of partying in the country and drugs then.

Who is Stepan Bandera the producer does not know. That’s what he said. Apparently that’s why Bardash called him Bender. The slogan “Ukraina ponad Vse” referred to the clan grouping. And he compared everyone who utters it to a herd of cows.

Bardash respects the phrase “Glory to Ukraine. But “Ukraine After All” is considered fascism. And advises everyone to watch the two-hour film on his page on the subject.