Full name: Onishchuk Yuri Petrovich

Date of birth: January 17, 1961

Place of birth: Volyn region, Kivertsi

Places of residence:

Zaporozhye region, the city of Melitopol,

  • ul. 132 Druzhba St., apt. 6;
  • ul. Melitopol divisions 64

Education: Ryazan Higher Automotive Engineering School

Military rank: Major

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: СЮ221881, СА154188, КН395826

Identification number: 2229714076

Driver’s license: ARB047160

Mobile numbers: +380676130363, +79900075025, +380676134468, +380674459933, +380619437000, +380676124866, +380676134462, +380676141595, +3806854545, +380677373567, +380619254545, +380676122288, +380619439343, +3806134492, +380617648522.

Occupation: t. n. director of the communal enterprise
occupation administration of rf


Labor Path:

Leading engineer of JSC “KrymavtoZAZservis”;

private entrepreneur service station “Druzhba”;

2006-2010 – Chairman of the Commission on Communal Property;


  • Director of Nash Zhek LLC;
  • t.s. Director of the “Melitopolvodokanal” communal enterprise of the occupying power of the rf
  • the head of the municipal enterprise “Melitopolvodokanal” of the occupation administration of the rf.

The Political Way:

2010-2012 – first deputy mayor, was close to Mayor Sergei Walter;

2010-2015 – Deputy of the Melitopol City Council from the “Party of Regions”;

2011 – Deputy Mayor;

2015 – Deputy of the Melitopol City Council of Zaporizhzhya Region from the political party “opzzh”;

2019 – observer for presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul.

Conducts activities to legitimize the established so-called rf city administration. He works closely with the pro-Russian politician Galina Danilchenko and the so-called The head of the civil-military administration of the Zaporizhzhia region, Yevhen Balitsky.

He is a supporter of the “Russian peace” and supported the occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and the holding of the so-called “referendum in Crimea” during the “Crimean spring”.

Supports the incorporation of

“native russian cities.”

into the russian federation. He carries out the instructions of the so called. The occupation authorities in Zaporizhzhia region regarding the holding of a “referendum.

He calls on residents to obtain Russian Federation passports, and draws parallels between the current standard of living in Ukraine and the prospects for life in the Russian Federation.