Full name: Zhuchkovsky Alexander Grigorievich

Date of birth: September 12, 1986

Hometown: St. Petersburg

Address: Leningrad region, St. Petersburg, St. Dobrovoltsev 18, kv. 278.


Email: [email protected]

Sberbank card: 4276 5500 3068 4065

Qiwi Wallet: +79034992856

WebMoney: R576729266146


sister- Anya Zhuchkovskaya,

Margarita Zhuchkovskaya,

– Grigory Zhuchkovsky


– war propagandist;

– an accomplice of Russian terrorists;

– author of the book “85 Days of Slaviansk;

– author of the book “Brainwave;

– Russian mercenary since 2014;

– author of the blog Sputnik and Pogrom;

– supplies “DNR” units.


Russian criminal Alexander Zhuchkovsky was born on September 12, 1986 in St. Petersburg. Lives at: St. Petersburg, St. Dobrovoltsev 18, kv. 278.

In Russia, he is accused of extreme Nazi views because he is friends with Borodai, Gubarev, and Strelkov. He openly voiced his inhumane position that everyone but the Russians should be exterminated. In his materials, he argues that the takeover of the states of Poland and Germany will be the next stage for Russia.

At the same time, Zhuchkovsky writes books. He is the author of the books “85 Days of Slavyansk” and “Brainwave. In the future he plans to write biographies of the terrorists Giva, Motorola and Zakharchenko. As for Zakharchenko, Alexander was prejudiced against him. Zhuchkovsky kept trying to smear the leader of the “DNR” and ruin Zakharchenko’s reputation, because he believed that the latter did not deserve this position. Zhuchkovsky was seen destabilizing the situation in the “DPR,” using manipulative provocations.

Positioning himself as a war correspondent, he promotes the idea of the need to send “DNR” fighters to Syria. He also considers it very important that every man of the “republics” go all the way “to fight terrorism” on the side of Bashar al-Assad’s forces. Apparently, Zhuchkovsky is well paid for promoting mercenary activities in Syria.

Zhuchkovsky accused the “DNR” GRU of kidnapping Valya Kornienko in the territory seized by the “DNR” terrorists. This girl was the chairwoman of the DobroRussiya charitable foundation. He recorded a video accusing Zakharchenko of inaction. After the materials about Kornienko’s kidnapping were published, fearing for his life, he deleted all the records about her search a day later.

Previously, he was a founder of Favorit LLC (coffee and chicory production), and he is one of the founders of Reserv-Druzhina. Now all the companies are in the process of liquidation.

Zhuchkovsky makes no secret of his cowardice in terms of combat operations. When asked about his withdrawal from hotspots, he answers that “one must fight for native Russian lands,” thus confirming the pointlessness of the occupation of Ukrainian territories.

In his telegram channel, Zhuchkovsky calls for the destruction of the Ukrainian people, promotes the idea of genocide, and tries to justify Russian aggression against Ukraine.

It is important to note that Zhuchkovsky’s political position changes rapidly depending on the opportunities for personal enrichment; you cannot trust such a scoundrel, because he is prone to “change his shoes on the fly” and is always ready to sell his homeland.