Full name of the organization: Limited Liability Company Security Organization “Safe World”.

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Shlisselburgsky Prospect, 3-7, office 24.

INN: 7811530900

Type of activity: activity of private security services.

Status of the organization: commercial, active.

The company “Safe World”, Ltd. took part in 221 tenders, of which 115 were won. The main customer is the Construction Committee.

In 2021, the average number of employees of “SAFE WORLD” LLC was 21 people. That’s six more people than in 2020.

Terrorist Activities:

Employees of the organization “Safe World,” were sent to the occupied territories as reinforcements to the occupation forces. They occupied administrative buildings and kept a watchful eye on them, trying to keep a few buildings important to the infrastructure of the city under control. It is safe to say that “Safe World” is nothing more than a terrorist organization that facilitated the seizure and genocide in the territories of Ukraine.