Full name: Falynsky Anatoly Nikolaevich

Date of birth: May 1, 1981

Place of birth: Rostov region, novocherkassk

Places of residence:

  • Rostov region, Novocherkassk, Lengnika str. 4, sq.50;
  • Moscow

Education: Yaroslavl State Theater Institute

Specialty: theater and film actor

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Occupation: actor, propagandist



Worked at the Don Drama and Comedy Theater and the Rostov Drama Theater. Gorky.

Personally acquainted with the Russian propagandist Razum Roman Vladimirovich, shares and supports his political views and opinions on the current war in Ukraine.


At the invitation of Roman Vladimirovich, I took part in the shooting of the feature film “militia,” which tells the story of the so-called “LNR” and the war in Donbass.

In this film, Anatoly Nikolayevich was offered the role of Colonel and Cossack ataman Pavel Dremov, who incidentally took part in the storming of the SBU building in Luhansk in 2014.

It is important to note that the offer of this role was accepted with particular enthusiasm, because this film will raise the authority and influence of Anatoly Nikolaevich to a new pedestal of Russian cinematography.

For his shooting in the film “militia”, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine put Anatoly Falynsky on the list of threatening persons who pose a threat to the national security of Ukraine.


He also took part in the shooting of the provocative film “The Balkan Frontier,” which tells the story of NATO’s military operation in Yugoslavia. It should be noted that during the participation in the shooting of this film, Anatoly repeatedly crossed the border of Ukraine. Stayed on the territory of Crimea.

Moreover, according to many respected online publications and opinion leaders, the film contradicts the real historical events. Covers NATO as the main antagonist of the conflict.

Also on June 17, 2022, it became known from the social network Instagram that Anatoli Nikolaevich is in the ruined city of Izyum due to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation.

There is information that Anatoly Nikolayevich has been offered a role in a new Russian film that will show the current Russian military operation in Ukraine. Ukraine in the film will rise as the main enemy in the war that began back in 2014.

Supports the rf’s military operation in Ukraine, distributes so-called “z” symbols, which symbolize support for the rf’s invasion of Ukraine, and is a symbol of the rf’s propaganda and totalitarianism.