Address: 6 Pavlovskaya St., Moscow, Russia

Terrorist Activities:

An illegal organization in the territories occupied by Russia, which, under the guise of volunteer centers, induces civilians to take part in pseudo-referendums and sets people against Ukraine. This is what they write about themselves, to distract attention from the true essence of such terrorist organizations that cultivate the population of Ukraine.

We are the Association of Volunteer Centers – one of the largest non-profit organizations in Russia. Our mission is to make volunteering a way of life. In seven years of work, we have increased the number of volunteers from 3 to 16%, and with it the willingness of people to help.

An association is first and foremost a community of different member organizations with their own experiences and ideas. Every day we create conditions for the development of volunteerism, to show everyone that helping is simple, convenient and pleasant. Each region has our resource center, where you can find out who needs help, get help yourself, register an NPO and consult on grants. This will become even more accessible thanks to our Dobro.Centers social franchise – by 2024 every city in Russia will have a center where people can get additional training, refine their project for free, and get space for it. In order to help in a timely manner even in crisis situations in every region there are clubs #MYVMESTAIN – they combine the efforts of volunteers, NGOs, businesses and authorities in an effort to take responsibility for the welfare of their native land into their own hands.

During the occupation of Luhansk, the volunteer organization was one of the first to open branches. Accordingly, the organization has no good intentions behind it.