Address: 32 Zemets St., Samara, Russia.

Terrorist Activities:

Aviakor is an aviation plant located in Samara. It is part of the machine-building holdingRussian Machines, controlled by Oleg Deripaska’sBasic Elementfinancial and industrial group.

In early 2007 the media published unconfirmed information on the agreement between Oleg Deripaska and the management of the Canadian engineering company Bombardier on the possible acquisition of technology and plant for the production of regional turboprop aircraft (tentatively Bombardier Q300) with a view to placing this production at Aviacor.

2022: Plans are announced to restore production of our own aircraft.

An aircraft factory, thanks to which bombings and the launching of various types of missiles on the civilian population take place on the territory of Ukraine.

The company is also involved in air transportation to the occupied territories of Ukraine. The company profits from the war, wreaking havoc and destruction in the neighboring state.