Name: Battle Brotherhood

Date of foundation: May 30, 2007

Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk, Akademika Sakharova str. 20, sq. 71;

Russia, Khimki, Panfilov St., 19 sq. 4.

Motto: Benefit, honor and glory!

Leader: Stanislav Kuzmenko

Financing: commercial




Phone: +7 (499) 601-20-77

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]




All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans “Battle Brotherhood” is the successor and continuator of the All-Russian Public Movement of Veterans of Local Wars and Military Conflicts “Battle Brotherhood” and the Union of Public Associations “Battle Brotherhood”.


The organization itself advocates and positions itself as a movement for reconciliation with Ukraine and advocates the peaceful construction of an independent democratic Luhansk People’s Republic as a state governed by the rule of law, in which citizens are protected from discrimination on national, linguistic, religious, social, and other grounds.

However, the organization sees nothing wrong with its actions. Namely, trying to eradicate the Ukrainian people from their own territories by killing all nationality in the civilians. Many such terrorist organizations try to move into occupied territories and, starting to dictate their rules, want to absorb first the city, then the region and finally the whole country.

Terrorist Activities:

The organization’s cover for civilians is set forth below.

“Combat Brotherhood” carries out its activities in accordance with the statutory tasks, as well as in the framework of priority project programs. The main areas of work at present are the implementation of social protection of veterans and invalids of wars and local conflicts, the implementation of patriotic, humanitarian and human rights projects. Every year members of the organization hold several thousand military-sports and memorial events, including those aimed at the implementation of patriotic education of young people.

The organization also provides terrorist support for the occupation of Ukrainian territories. It promotes the complete Russification of the population, as well as forcing people to cooperate with them on various pretexts.