Address: Lugansk, Molodezhny quarter, 25, room 33.

INN: 2311339449

Registered: September 26 in the city of Krasnodar.

Terrorist Activities:

“In the capital of the LNR opened a regional branch of the Krasnodar charitable foundation “Good and Business”, created by businessmen not indifferent to the problems of those in need.

The head of the foundation, Anna Artemyeva, noted that she has been working in the Republic for a long time, and “a lot of people help here.

“I’m infinitely happy that we now have a branch in Lugansk,” she said.

On October 21-22, “humanitarian” aid began to be delivered to Severodonetsk and Luhansk.

Another example of a terrorist organization in russian-occupied territories. As soon as an opportunity arises to occupy a fishing spot, enemy organizations come in from all sides, presenting themselves as humanitarian aid, and, against this background, work the civilians into their heads, suggesting that Russia is doing a good job.

With complete de-occupation, all illegal organizations will be dispersed. And the people who worked for the occupation forces will go to prison.