Full name: Kuzmich Tatiana Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 10.04.1968

Place of birth: Kherson region, Belozersky district

Address of residence: Kherson, 42 Moskovskaya St., bld. 20.

Education: Kherson Academy of Continuing Education

Previous employment: Lecturer at the Kherson Academy of Continuing Education

Academic degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Mobile numbers: +380507611723, +380951231294, +79900014543

DRFO code: 2493701564

Alias: Tsvetaeva.


Head of the “Russian national community “Rusich”, collaborator of the Kherson regional administration


Labor Activities:

teacher of Russian language and literature in educational institutions in Kherson, among which:

  • school #24;
  • The School of Humanitarian Work educational complex;
  • Specialized School No. 30, Educational Complex No. 15.

Since the early 2000s, he has been the head of the Kherson National and Cultural Society “Rusich”, nowadays – “Russian national community Rusich”;

2008 – is co-author of the Russian language textbook for 8th and 9th graders of Ukrainian general education institutions with Russian as the language of instruction;

2014 – defended herthesis on “Formation of social competence of high school students by means of Slavic culture;

April 2015 – until the occupation of Kherson – head of the educational-methodological laboratory of the management of educational institutions of the communal university “Kherson Academy of Continuous Education” of the Kherson Regional Council.


A teacher is a noble profession, but that is not the case with this person, who for years
“put into the heads”
for years in the minds of children and adults alike to strengthen the relationship between fraternal nations.

During her visit to occupied Crimea, she was involved in espionage activities by the Russian Federal Security Service. Conducted subversive work not only in the Kherson region, but also throughout Ukraine with materials that were obtained in Crimea while working with the FSB of the Russian Federation.

She is a frequent participant in various humanitarian programs in Crimea, as well as in a number of Russian language festivals in Kherson, such as “The Great Russian Word” and “Pushkin’s Beauty”.

She was the organizer of the “Russian Community of Crimea” festivals and a number of educational events with pro-Russian sentiments; she is also the head of the “Russian National Community “Rusich,” which works closely with the “Russian World” Foundation.

In 2013, Tatyana Aleksandrovna gave an interview to the “Edinaya Odesa” website, during which she mentioned that the “Rusich” organization had built good relationships over the years of its existence.

Namely, with the consulate of the Russian Federation in Odessa, as well as the Moscow House of Compatriots, the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States “Rossotrudnichestvo“, JSC “Russian Railways”, and the “Russian Unity” Foundation.

In one of the most fateful days, shrouded by the burden of the Revolution of Dignity, Tatiana spoke at an all-Ukrainian conference about “consolidating and intensifying activities to support the Russian language and culture.

After that, many Ukrainian figures present there reconsidered their opinion about supporting Ukraine in the direction of European integration and leaned toward an alliance with Russia.

Visiting the Crimea and the so-called republics

I was also in occupied Crimea from 2014-2015 to attend the festival of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature.

However, Tatiana Alexandrovna herself explained her visit to Crimea with the purpose of seeing the family of her daughter, who lives in the city of Sudak. But it was only after such “festivals for teachers” that Tatyana Alexandrovna was seen in the circle of Russian politicians, among whom was former State Duma deputy Sergei Nikolaevich Baburin.

Also engaged in gathering information for transfer to the federal security service with further subversive activities in Ukraine.

The apogee of insanity was Tatiana Kuzmich’s visit and participation in the 2nd Livadia Forum “Russian World: Problems and Prospects”, where the top leadership was the occupying authorities of Crimea, as well as the “dnr” and “lnr“.

With education as an element of softpower It is possible to achieve great results, but Tatyana seems to use “soft power” as a euphemism for the word influence/propaganda (very destructive in some places). She owns the phrase:
“It is necessary to infect Ukrainian children with love for Russian culture”.
The program is aimed at infecting Ukrainian children with love for Russian culture through festivals, competitions, where a special place is given to a visit to the museum historical and memorial complex of the 35th Coastal Battery in Sevastopol.

She took part in the creation of the “Committee of Salvation for Peace and Order” along with other collaborators in the Kherson regional administration.

Tatyana Aleksandrovna was one of those who was genuinely happy that her years-long efforts to integrate Ukraine into the Russian Federation were beginning to come to fruition.

was seen in a circle of similarly “like-minded” people(baldo, Cherevko, Bolbot) of the “Russian world” in Kherson. There was a rally in support of the occupation authorities and further integration with the Russian Federation, and the rally was held with the use of Soviet symbols.