What is known about the Melitopol collaborator Alena Trokay and her entourage

Recently, a new “star” – Alyona Trokay from Melitopol – has popped up at a Russian vocal competition. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian could not advance in the competition, her participation was memorable. But not by singing, but by the fact that Alena thanked the occupiers for “annexing new territories,” saying that she had been waiting for this for a long time.

As the “evocation.info” team found out, Alena Trokai’s whole life path is nothing but cynicism and unprincipled. She put her father-in-law in jail, who got 15 years for treason thanks to her. She participated in financial scams and betrayed her own husband, who, incidentally, also turned out to be a collaborator.

Not surprisingly, after the full-scale invasion, Trocai betrayed her homeland as well, in order to make a life of comfort and stardom for herself. Read more about the collaborator Alena Trokay and her entourage in the “evocation.info” investigation.

A family of swindlers and traitors

Alena Trokai, 37 years, calls herself as a Karaite. The Karaites are an indigenous Turkic people who live in the Crimea. Alena learned how to sing and dance, which is what she has been doing most of her life. That’s how she met her husband. Yuri Pushkar – also a musician, – with whom married more than a decade ago. This family became famous because of their participation in a reality show “Changing Wives” a couple of years ago. “We say to each other every morning ‘sunshine,’ ‘poochie,’ ‘good morning, kitty”, – told Alena about her relationship with her husband. But despite Trokai’s “sweet” words, the writers of the reality show already saw her as a tough dictator.

Before betraying Ukraine, Alyona Trokai was waxing and financial scams, aided by her husband.


Trokai with her husband Yuri Pushkar

After occupying Melitopol, Trokay immediately began cooperating with Russian terrorists. Moreover, it surrendered the pro-Ukrainian population, as well as the positions of AFU fighters, to the occupiers. This is stated in the materials of the court case, which appeared at the disposal of investigators.

Here it is worth mentioning Alena’s father, 60-year-old Andrei Trokay.. During the Maidan in 2014, he was the coordinator of the “Russian Spring” in Melitopol. During one of the rallies, he attacked a local journalist, spraying tear gas in his face.


Traitor of the Motherland Andrei Trokai

After the trial began, Alena Trokay’s father fled to Crimea, where he is still hiding from the Ukrainian police. According to the available documents, Andrei Trokai cooperates with the Russian special services and obtains information for them. In fact, this is where his traitor daughter helps him.

I let my father-in-law go to jail

Alena Trokai’s intercepted conversations vividly demonstrate her unscrupulousness in pursuing her selfish goals. In fact, she framed her father-in-law from Zaporozhye Vasily Pushkar.The Ukrainian military was forced to collect and pass on information about the Ukrainian military.

The Security Service of Ukraine published intercepted conversations between Alena Trokay and her husband and father-in-law. According to these intercepts, Alyona asked her husband to make her father gather information about the AFU. To which Yuri Pushkar told her that her father “doesn’t boom-boom on the phone. “Boom-boom, no fucking boom-boom, I don’t give a fuck. It’s fucking hard. It’s not fucking hard! I’d go myself if they’d let me.”Alyona answered her husband.

In court, Alena Trokai’s father-in-law admitted that his sister-in-law pressured him. “And when my daughter-in-law started pressuring me, quite accidentally I named the point where the AFU units were”, – he said. As a result, the court sentenced him to 15 years in prison for treason.


Trokay’s father-in-law Vasily Pushkar received 15 years in prison for high treason

Stellar Life

Apparently, Alena did not take the detention of her father-in-law too painfully. On the contrary: she finally had the star life she had dreamed of. She was invited to sing on Red Square in Moscow, to participate in the aforementioned all-Russian vocal competition.

Most cynically, in an interview for propagandists, Trokay recalled that she was facing arrest in Ukraine for treason. But she did not say a word about her father-in-law, whom she herself had let down to a nunnery.

Also under the occupants, Alena Trokay led the children’s organization “Movement of the First” and was able to run in fake elections for the United Russia party.

A husband at war is a lover in bed

But that’s not all. Alyona Trokai sent her “beloved” husband to fight on the side of the occupiers, and in the meantime she is having fun with her lover.

According to evocation.info, Yuri Pushkar has had Russian citizenship since 2020. At the end of 2021, he went to Crimea and voluntarily joined the Russian Armed Forces. After February 24, Pushkar took part in a full-scale invasion and was concussed. As a result, he lost his hearing, so he can say goodbye to his career as a musician.

A recent phone conversation between Alyona Trokai and her husband in which she urges him to stay in the war longer appeared online. Trocay’s intimate conversations with her lover also became public.

The identity of the lover was not difficult to establish. It’s a 31-year-old Gennady Rumyantsev from Melitopol district. Before the full-scale invasion, he worked in the fish patrol and called russia “brother.”


Trokai with his lover Gennady Rumyantsev

After the capture of Melitopol, Rumyantsev took a job in the occupation administration. Or, more precisely, to her power organs. Of course, thanks to the lover’s connections.

Well, you have seen that Alyona Trokai is a creature without moral principles, who achieves her goals by any means. Therefore, she and her family members have no place on Ukrainian soil.