Address: Ukraine, Kherson, Tsiolkovsky Street.

Terrorist Activities:

Naddneprovskaya Pravda is a socio-political newspaper in the Kherson region. Founders: Kherson Regional Council and the newspaper. Frequency: 3 times a week.


It began to be published in 1917 as an organ of the Kherson Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies under the name “Soldier and Worker” (1917-1918). Then it was published under the titles “Kherson Truth” (1919), “Izvestiya” (1919-1921), “Kherson Communar” (1922-1925), “Kherson Communar” (1925), “Red Peasant” (1925-1928), “Rabochiy” (1925-1928). On March 1, 1928, Naddneprovskaya Pravda was created instead of the newspapers Rabochy and Krasny Krestyanin. During the Nazi occupation of the Kherson region 1941-1944 was not published. Since 1944 it became a regional newspaper.

In Soviet times, “Naddniprovskaya Pravda” was the organ of the Kherson Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the Regional Council of People’s Deputies. It came out in Kherson six times a week.

With decision #133 of September 10, 1996 of the 11th session of Kherson Regional Council the co-founding agreement between the staff of “Naddniprovska Pravda” newspaper and Kherson Regional Council and the statute of “Naddniprovska Pravda” newspaper were approved.

In the 2000s, the newspaper came out three times a week on 18 pages and had a circulation of more than 11,000.

At the beginning of 2011, Naddniprovskaya Pravda, which in Soviet times was a daily newspaper with a total weekly circulation of one million copies, is published in a very limited edition of no more than a hundred copies. Problems due to the lack of funding from the local government, because the newspaper’s editorial board cannot find common ground with the council’s leadership. The controversy between the paper’s co-founders has been repeatedly tried in court. The case went all the way to the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.

In recent news:

The city printing house resumed work in Kherson, the first circulation of 10 thousand copies of the newspaper “Naddnipryanskaya Pravda” was printed, said an employee of the press service of the military-civil administration of the Kherson region Sergey Moroz.

“Now our city printing house in Kherson is being launched. The first copy of the newspaper is out. The newspaper will be distributed to stores, pharmacies and gas stations. People will receive this newspaper for free,” Moroz said.

So much for the activities of a so-called newspaper that promises black propaganda posing as truth.