Full name: Mikhail Vladimirovich Polynkov

Date of birth: 15.10.1972

Place of birth: Khitrovo village, Tula region, (Uzlovaya city, Tula region)


г. Moscow, Tsaritsyno, street Bakinskaya 22, sq. 20 (code on the entrance 248, key 3270); (Moscow region, Mytishchi, Kolpakova Street 17, kv.48)

Phones: +79162464251 , +380993067826, +79264783014, +79857369449, +380666147364, +79162464251

Passport: Series 7013468131, issued on November 25, 2013 by the Department of the Federal Migration Service of the Tula Region in Uzlovsky District, Russia

Military ID: NV #1937239, issued by the Tenkinskiy District Military Commission of the Magadan Region, November 11, 1990.

Residence: Uzlovaya city, Tula region, Tregubova street 47, apartment 20

Bank cards:

Sberbank 4276380021373761, valid until 10/18;

Raiffeisen Bank 4627290022129227


Secondary – boarding school, Moy Urusta settlement, Magadan Region, 1980-1990.

Higher – D. I. Novomoskovsk University of Chemical Technology. Mendeleev University, engineer for automation of technological processes and productions, 1999;

Hobbies: attackball, combat knives, archeology

Blood type: (III) Rh+.

Special features: a tattoo on his back with a snake and the inscription “defenda me Dios de mi.


– a militant recruiter;

– a militant of illegal armed groups;

– I. Girkin, an activist of the “Novorossiya” movement;


– runs a military-political blog on Youtube called “Soldier’s Truth;

– an aide to the terrorist Strelkov;

– in Belokurikha is a member of the search group “Search”.





[email protected]


Marital status: married, 3 children (Veronica, Liza, Rodion)


WifeSavchenkova Olga Romanovna, date of birth 01.08.1996, passport: 66 10 556462, phone +79002280187.

Email: [email protected]

Occupation: model and actress.

City of residence: Moscow;

Hometown: Smolensk.

Wife’s education:

– SGII workshop of Zuikov P., 2019;

– O. Zhiritsky’s Workshop, 2019;

– RATI GITIS workshop of M.Z. Levitin, 2020.

Special features: large tattoos, a tattoo on his left leg.


Wife’s social media:

Photo of the wife:

the wife’s mother
Galina Savchenkova

Sister – Anastasia Kolodina

Sister’s husband Vasily Kolodin

sister – Maria Romanova

father – Vladimir Mikhailovich Polynkov

mother – Zoya Polynkova

Copywriter, military man, personnel officer, manager, supply officer, security guard, janitor, bulldozer driver, miner, and propagandist. All this is about Mikhail Vladimirovich Polynkov, who was born on October 15, 1972 in Magadan. Registered in the city of Uzlovaya, Tula region on the street Tregubova 47, apartment 20. Married, with three children: two girls and one boy. Personal life is not particularly hidden, family photos can be found in the public domain (on pages on social networks).

He received his secondary education at a boarding school in the village of Moy Urusta, Magadan Oblast. After boarding school he joined the army. I wanted to join the Airborne Troops with my friends, but they didn’t take me (because of my eyesight). I had to serve in an air defense engineering battalion. After the army he went to work in the mine. He received his higher education at the Novomoskovsk Institute of the D.I. Mendeleev Russian University of Chemical Technology. Mendeleev. He studied to be an engineer for automation of technological processes and productions.

All my life I’ve worked not only in my specialty. At first I worked as a copywriter, writing texts for advertisements. Later he would take any job. He was even a children’s animator. All my life I dreamed of being an archaeologist. That is why in 2011 he joined the search group “D.O.N.”. His copywriting skills helped Polynkov attract many innocent people to join the war effort. Admits that he is a “recruiter” of volunteers. His task is to choose those who can survive. He does not admit his guilt in the deaths of the volunteers. At the same time, he tells us that one of the units he selected was completely killed near Donetsk airport in 2014. A second unit was already killed near Luhansk airport in 2014. It is difficult to even count how many people Polynkov killed with his own signature, sending them as “meat” to the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblast. Probably at that time Polynkov was bribed to send people to the front who were inexperienced and did not pose a threat to the Ukrainian army.

Polynkov has been tried twice. He served his first sentence for illegal hunting (poaching) when he lived in Kolyma as a young man. In the late ’90s he was convicted again – to a year’s probation for drug possession. It is likely that Polynkov continues to engage in illegal activities, as he was often seen in shady companies.

Polynkov, a former criminal, is the coordinator of the volunteers. He is the administrator of the Vkontakte publicity group “DOBROVOLETS.ORG. DEFENCE OF NOVOROSSIYA”. It’s now called Soldier’s Truth. This is a politico-military blog that is supposedly engaged in objective coverage of the war in Ukraine, but in fact it promotes war and the killing of Ukrainians.

Polynkov’s role in Russia is to find and send as many new people under bullets as possible, but never to be involved in the war himself. Governor Pavel Gubarev used to do this, recruiting volunteers to “protect the borders of the Russian Federation. In reality, young people were going to another country, and they died there as well.

Of course it is important to provide supplies for the army, but when it is not to seize foreign territories and especially not to kill civilians. Polynkov is Strelkov-Girkin’s right-hand man. With his hands up to his elbows in blood, he continues to collect funds from the population for the army. But Mikhail Polynkov is not the only one involved in brutal murders. For example, his father is an ardent admirer of Strelkov, who does not even respect the president of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Polynkov often speaks at rallies to defend rights and freedoms in Russia, saying that he is ashamed of his country. Vladimir also dreams of the return of the USSR, for which he and his son went to fight in 2014 as part of the illegal armed groups of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. In 2015, Vladimir Polynkov was a petty officer in a reconnaissance platoon.

In 2015, Polynkov turned over to the SBU lists of Russian “volunteers” who had come to fight in the Donbass. But this information was quickly hushed up so as not to scare away those willing to sign up to die in the organization of Mikhail Polynkov.

The purpose of his informational activities is to attract as many people as possible in order to get more money, and at the same time to hide behind Girkin’s back if something suddenly goes wrong.

As a propagandist, there are also questions for Polynkov. Often his “throw-ins” are so stupid that even their purpose is unclear. As “proof” of his activities, he publishes screenshots with obscured data, expressions, names.

Polynkov is already up to his neck in blood, with tens of thousands of deaths hanging over him. Tired of the constant accusations from the relatives of the victims, he began his own personal YouTube channel, which is much easier than atoning for the sins of the past.