Full Name: Demurchiev Roman Geradotovich Demurchiev

Date of Birth: 30.08.1976

Place of birth: Kazan

Occupation: Major General, commander of the 42nd Division of the 58th Army (m/u 27777)

Places of residence:

  • Kazan, 13 Karbysheva St., Q. 39
  • Ryazan, mkr. Oktyabrsky town, m/u 41450
  • Kamyshin, Gorokhovskaya St., m/u 74507
  • Moscow, Sinyavinskaya str. 11, bld. 13, square 245.


  • passport: 9204926737
  • TIN: 343609030297
  • SNILS: 13189886403
  • driver’s license: 3433866681


  • TOYOTA AVENSIS, 2006, license plate number: M731OO34



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Wife: Demurchieva (Slyusareva) Alexandra Vladimirovna

Date of Birth: 25.08.1984



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Daughter: Anastasia Romanovna Demurchieva

Date of birth: 01.06.2009


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Daughter: Yelizaveta Romanovna Demurchieva

Father: Demurchiev Geradot

Date of birth: 10.01.1950


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Biography Roman Demurchiev

Demurchiev Roman Gerodotovich (call sign – “Herodot”) was born on August 30, 1976 in Kazan. A graduate of the Kazan Suvorov School. He was expelled from the 3rd year of the Ryazan Airborne School and dismissed from the army for stealing ammunition from the firing range.

After that he volunteered for the 104th Guards Airborne Division and went to fight in the First Russian-Chechen War, at the end of which he received the Order of “Courage”. After the war he was able to enter the Ryazan Airborne School again and graduated from it as a lieutenant.

He participated in the Second Russian-Chechen War and was there a commander of a reconnaissance platoon of the 1st Battalion of the 56th Guards Airborne Assault Cossack Regiment. At the age of 30 as a major, he commanded the 1st Airborne Assault Battalion, 56th Regiment.

In 2019, already Colonel Demurchiev commanded the 70th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment. He was commander of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces, after which he became commander of the 136th Independent Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade. June 6, 2023 – promoted to the rank of Major General.

Roman Demurchiev: War Crimes

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Demurchiev was in charge of the 136 Omsbr, which was advancing from Crimea. During the occupation of southern Ukraine, members of this brigade were “noted” for a number of war crimes, including massacres of prisoners of war and civilians. For this, Demurchiev was included in the list of “heroes z” in his homeland.

Demurchiev later became commander of the 42 motorized rifle division of the 58th All-Volunteer Army, which is involved on the Zaporozhye front. It includes, among others, the regiments “AHMAT-Russia”, “AHMAT-Chechnya”, “North-AHMAT”, battalions “West-AHMAT”, “East-AHMAT” and “South-AHMAT”.

The Kadyrovites are widely known for their disregard for the norms of international humanitarian law. And also by committing a huge number of war crimes, both against Ukrainian prisoners of war and the civilian population of the occupied regions of Ukraine.

Even Russian media have repeatedly written about abductions, torture and murders of civilians, seizure of property and businesses, and other war crimes committed by “Kadyrovtsy” and other servicemen of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division. It’s all happening under control of Roman Demurchiev.

Roman Demurchiev’s family

Roman Demurchiev is married. Together with his wife Alexandra, he raises two daughters: Anastasia and Elizabeth.

Alexandra Demurchieva does not work, but actively develops her social networks, in particular Instagram, which is banned in Russia, positioning herself as a “socialite”. On Telegram, she actively participates in sexology communities and various groups for lovers of non-traditional sexual relationships.

Demurchieva likes to boast that she has a “perfect relationship.” Because her husband provides for her whims, constantly being on business trips, that is, earning money from killing peaceful Ukrainians.

Demurchieva has been teaching her eldest daughter, Anastasia, from a young age how to “settle in life properly”. Despite her 15 years of age, her social networks are full of semi-erotic photo shoots, and she uses the nickname “Lolita” on social networks.