Address: 2 Electrodnaya St., Moscow, Russia

Terrorist Activities:

“Personnel Reserve” – works with LNR students, helps them undergo practical training and internships in state institutions, prepares a reserve for state and municipal service.

Today the project “Personnel Reserve” of the public movement “Peace to Luhansk” held the first field training of the historical and patriotic training for reservists. This was reported by the head of the project Olga Gusarova.

According to Gusarova, the class for 50 students of universities of the Republic was held by representatives of the motor center and the project “Personnel Reserve”, which were the organizers of the event.

“Our goal was to show young people clear evidence of violations of international law by the neo-Nazi regime that came to power in Ukraine. During the class, students were able to see unique photographs, samples of weapons, ammunition, uniforms, and equipment used by neo-Nazis against the civilian population of Donbass,” said the head of the Personnel Reserve project.

The representative of the motor center told the guys about his personal combat experience and what he had experienced during combat operations. In addition, he suggested that the reservists of the Personnel Reserve project take classes of basic military training on the territory of the motor center.

Here is a prime example of open propaganda that works in Russian-occupied territories.