Name: The Young Guard of United Russia

Date of establishment: November 16, 2005.

Address: Moscow, 15 Rochdelskaya St., 12A.


Anthem: Patriots of the New Era

Motto: Youth to power!

Ideology: Youth Parliamentarianism; Putinism.

Leader: Anton Vyacheslavovich Demidov (Chairman of the Coordinating Council)

Financing: commercial




Type of activity: “Young Guard of the United Russia ” – all-Russianpublic organization of the political party “United Russia”.


Phone: +7 (495) 653-83-90

+7 (495) 653-83-94

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]


History of Young Guard began in 2005 – November 15-16, in Voronezh hosted the first congress of the “Young Guard of United Russia. At which the Coordinating Council, consisting of coordinators for the federal districts, was designated as the governing body of the Organization.

As the first leader of the “Young Guard” – the Chairman of the Coordinating Council – Tatiana Voronova became. She was the coordinator for the Siberian Federal District at the time.

However, in 2007, Andrei Turchak became a member of the Federation Council from the Pskov region. This is the first federal-level government position held by a representative of the Young Guard.

MGER takes an active part in the elections to the State Duma in December 2007. As a result of the Political Factory project, several dozen Young Guard members became deputies at various levels on Party lists in the regions.

Since the III Congress of the “Young Guard” takes place in June. The Congress elects a new composition of governing bodies. Ruslan Gattarov, who previously coordinated the work of the Urals Federal District, becomes the new leader of the MGER as head of the MGER Political Council.


On August 10, 2010 the website of the “Young Guard of the United Russia” published a photo report about how the Young Guards “extinguish” forest fires in the Ryazan region.

However, bloggers discovered that the photos are dated 2008, and the smoke was drawn using Photoshop. Ruslan Gattarov, head of MGER, insisted that extinguishing the fire was not a simulation, but soon resigned under the pretext of rejuvenating the organization.

Because in December 2010 materials contributing to incitement of social and interethnic hatred were found on the website of the “Young Guard of United Russia. However, according to the blogger, who sent a request to the prosecutor’s office, the section entitled “Marginal Show” is “full of attacks on Georgian people, sexual minorities and everyone who did not like something.

According to the response from the prosecutor’s office, “the general director of the Regional Network Information Center and the chairman of the political council of the Young Guard of the United Russia. Since sent a recommendation to correct violations of the law with the requirement to block access to the above-mentioned pages of the Internet resource. On December 23, 2010, the Young Guard website at was unavailable.

However, in 2011, the CPRF website posted information that, during events on Memorial Day for victims of political repression, members of the Young Guard allegedly mistook victims of Nazism and the Armenian genocide for victims of Stalin.

As the official representative of MGER allegedly said that no apology would follow, and that those who made a mistake are not professionals, they are just students.

Terrorist Activities:

However, in April 2015 the Internet portal “Kupchino News” posted news about a bowling competition organized by the Kupchino Municipality, in which activists from the regional branch of “MGER” took part.

Since this news was originally published in the Vkontakte group of the regional branch of “MSGER”. 200,000 rubles were spent on bowling from the account of the Kupchinsk municipal cultural institution “Our House”. However, the money went to 350 hours of training, the services of a 3-person judging team, the services of a commandant and a nurse, as well as cups, medals and sweet prizes.

However, after the publication, Mikhail Cherepanov, head of the Northwestern branch of the MGER, as well as a deputy of the Kupchino municipal government, in an official statement said that this was “yet another provocation and lie by the editors of News Kupchino,” and that the qualifying tournament cost 30,000 rubles.

Since 200,000 rubles were allocated for the general tournament for the year, also in the tournament could take all comers, but calls to the municipality and the administration could not confirm this, invitations to the tournament in the parade rooms also could not be found.

However, in the end Cherepanov announced his intention to sue the founders of Kupchino News Pavel Shvets and Vladimir Volokhonski for a total of 4.4 million rubles in defamation and insult of honor and dignity.

Since the representatives of the “Anti-Corruption Foundation” said that they intend to apply to law enforcement agencies about financial irregularities in the work of the municipality “Kupchino”. On May 11 in the Arbitration court of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region the first sitting on the claim of the Municipal Council and Local administration of “Kupchino” municipality took place; Mikhail Cherepanov did not file a claim.

However, the court ultimately won the editorial board of “Kupchino News. There were no further claims from the side of “Kupchino” and Mikhail Cherepanov.

Now the MGER organization is trying to get into the occupied territories and introduce its corrective measures among the civilian population of Ukraine there.