Name: Volunteer Company “Battle Brotherhood

Foundation Date: 22.11.2019

Address: Moscow region, Khimki, Panfilova str. 4 um. / room 6/146

The motto is .
Everyone has the right to ask for help, and we are obliged to help.

Anton Vyacheslavovich Demidov;

Financing: commercial

TIN/CPP: 6829152207, 682901001

Type of activity: Participation in the creation of regional branches of the All-Russian Youth Patriotic Organization “Volunteer Company” Battle Brotherhood “under the auspices of the All-Russian public organization of veterans Educate and prepare a reliable replacement for the continued sustainable operation of the veteran organization.


Phone: +7 (499) 601-20-77

Mail: [email protected] [email protected]

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Purpose of organization:

The aim of the project “Battle Brotherhood Volunteer Company ” is to participate in the creation of regional branches of the All-Russian youth patriotic organization “Battle Brotherhood Volunteer Company” under the auspices of the All-Russian public organization of veterans “Battle Brotherhood” in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Nurturing and preparing a dependable replacement for the continued sustainability of the veterans’ organization. As part of the project, work is being done to create regional branches of the Volunteer Company “Battle Brotherhood” in the regions of the Russian Federation, to involve young people in volunteer activities, search expeditions, patriotic actions and forums with young people.

Terrorist Activities:

Four projects are being implemented under the “Humanitarian Aid and Patronage Work” activity area: “Soft Power”, “School of Kindness”, “We Don’t Leave Our Own Behind”, and “There’s a Profession to Defend the Homeland”.

All-Russian organization “Battle Brotherhood” organizes collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to citizens in areas of armed conflicts, helps people who find themselves in difficult life situations, supports Russian schoolchildren in their efforts to help their peers from the regions affected by military operations.

Veterans of the “Battle Brotherhood” cooperate with military units and military educational institutions and provide patronage to servicemen.

Also among the undisclosed projects of the volunteer company of the Battle Brotherhood is taking part in volunteer projects initiated by the Kremlin. We should not forget the deeds of the Battle Brotherhood Company, such as unloading ammunition for artillery systems on the shells were inscribed “For Mariupol”, “For Crimea”, which were subsequently launched at peaceful Ukrainian residents.

Or building a barricade in the direction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, thereby imposing their aggressive attitude toward Ukraine as a whole on the inhabitants.