Main office: address: 5 Kirov Ave.

Basic services:
  • GSM cellular communications
  • 4G LTE fourth generation network


Activity History:

The company was founded in May 2014 and began operations in August of that year. Two years later, the company also launched 4G networks, but they work only in relatively large cities in Crimea. K-Telecom LLC is 100% owned by Mobile TeleSystems OJSC

Terrorist Activities:

SIM cards of the Crimean operator K-Telecom, operating under the brand of Win Mobile, began to be sold in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine, a former regional official told Vedomosti and was confirmed by a source close to one of the local cellular operators.

The start of sales in Kherson of SIM-cards with numbers beginning with the prefix +7, which is used by Russian mobile operators, reported the local TV channel “Kherson 24”, published photos of one of the first such outlets. Buyers are still offered the only tariff “On Call”, but the name of the operator is not disclosed

According to it the package includes 1000 minutes of calls within the network, 10 GB of mobile Internet, 1 rub./min, 3 rub./min – for calls “to numbers of other operators in Russia” and 20 rub./min – for calls to Ukraine.

According to a source close to one of the local mobile operators, in addition to Win Mobile, similar attempts to expand the network were also made by the DNR operator Phoenix, but how they ended is unknown.